What is the Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAMSS) Service?


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The SAMSS service is a part of the Windows operating system that allows administrators to perform tasks such as backup and restore user account settings.

The “can i disable security accounts manager” is a service that allows users to manage their local and domain user accounts. It also manages the passwords of these accounts, as well as other related security settings.

What is the Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAMSS) Service?

What is the SAMSS Service (Windows Manager of Security Accounts)?

Published:11 February 2021 – < 1 min. read

You may be wondering what the Windows Manager of Security Accounts (SAMSS) service is if you notice it running in Windows task manager or in your Windows Services applet. If that’s the case, this little article is for you.

Since Windows NT, every version of Windows has included a user-based security mechanism. To connect in to your Windows desktop, you’ll need a username and password. That username is referred to as a user account, and it may be assigned to one of many groups to manage access to Windows functions.

The login screen for Windows 10The login screen for Windows 10

The SAMSS service is a Win32 Windows system service that is required. Don’t turn it off or deactivate it!

Default SAMSS Settings

Every Windows service comes with a set of default settings and may have a number of additional services that rely on it. These options for Windows 10 may be seen below.

Setting Value
Type of start-up Automatic
Name samss
Name on Display Manager of Security Accounts
Account Is Expired LocalSystem
File Path system32lsass.exe % SystemRoot % System32lsass.exe % System32lsass.
Key in the registry HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSamSs
Dependencies Server, Computer Browser, HomeGroup Listener, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Services that rely on RPC Endpoint Mapper, DCOM Server Process Launcher, Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Attributes of SAMSS

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The “Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAMSS) Service” is a service that allows users to manage the passwords and other credentials of their Windows 7 account. It is also used by malware to steal your password. Reference: keyiso service windows 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SamSs Security Accounts Manager?

A: As the name implies, SamSs Security Accounts Manager is a tool for managing computer users and their passwords. It allows you to easily change user names and passwords on Windows computers in an effort to limit access by unauthorized people.

Can I disable Security Accounts Manager service?

A: If you want to disable the Security Accounts Manager service, open command prompt and type net stop svc_scm and press enter.

What is Security Account Manager in Windows?

A: The Security Account Manager (SAM) is a component of Microsoft Windows that provides security-related services for local users and domains. These include access control, auditing, event logging, encryption key management, file sharing and verification.

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