How To Cancel Your UseNeXT Trial

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To cancel UseNeXt, you’ll have to go through a rather complicated process. After completing the procedure, the website will inform you that… canceling online is not possible, and you have to call them. By phone.

We recommend you skip that step and just send them a letter, an email and call directly through the number found in the contact section of the page.

Best would be to do all three at the same time. Very user-unfriendly! 

Old tutorial (outdated):

If you signed up for a free trial on the UseNeXT website and don’t to be billed after the 14-days period is over, you have to cancel in time. Fortunately this is rather easy, using their website you just have to click a few buttons to either cancel or change to a different plan. First, you have to log into the members area using your username and password. Click on “My Account” on top of the site, and select “Cancel subscription”.

usenext cancel 1

Now, you’ll see a site, in which UseNeXt will try to convince you not to cancel but rather, ask for support or switch to a different package. In case this isn’t an option for you, scroll down to the bottom on the page and find the “Cancel” button:

usenext cancel 2After clicking it, you’ll have to do a final click on the final page, and you’re done:

usenext cancel 3

Voila! Your trial has been canceled, and you won’t be billed.

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8 thoughts on “How To Cancel Your UseNeXT Trial”

  1. Your solution doesn’t work! There is no further option at the bottom of the page to cancel. UseNext is a complete scam which does not….
    a) call you back with the trial period,
    b) allows no options to cancel the trial on-line,
    c) immediately starts charging your credit card whether you use the service or not.

  2. UseNext is total money SCAM. They will automatically sign you up for one year subscription for $100. Beware of UseNext..

    Hard to cancel, not easy….. By the time you learn that they have charged you $100, it is to late….

  3. Everytime it allowed me to cancel, it sent me to another page asking again. On the 3rd page it said I have to call Germany to cancel over phone as of 0

  4. I couldnt get it canceled so i stoped my paypal where it would automaticly pay every year now i have a letter telling me i need to pay 115 € whats that all about i dont even use it can they make me pay?

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