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To connect to the Kademlia-network, you usually don’t need anything, since most clients come equiped with a list of nodes to join the party. In some cases it might be helpful to have a list of active nodes, which is saved in a file named nodes.dat.

Lists of active nodes to bootstrap into the network (i.e. connect for the first time) can be found on several places online, and we have compiled a list of trusted sources. Many links you can find are now offline, but these worked just fine for us at the time of testing.

You should never download anything with eMule before protecting yourself with a VPN.

The eDonkey / eMule network is under strong surveillance and dozens of users are getting sued each day.

Click here to protect yourself.
It will only take you a few minutes.

For help of how to import the file into your P2P-client, have a look at the tutorials we provide or do a quick search on Google. Usually though, there is a little box or field in the client that can be found rather easily. Often, you can just click on the links and your client will automatically import the file. Alternatively, for eMule, go to the “Kad”-tab and enter the URL in the “Nodes.dat from URL”-field. Click “Bootstrap”. Done!

Download the nodes.dat here: Daily updated nodes.dat (Click here to add it to eMule)

To the left of the screen, you can find a download link to a nodes.dat that is updated daily. You can use the link above to automatically add it to your client.

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