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For every ed2k or eDonkey2000-client such as eMule, you need an up-to-date server list to connect to the network. Of course, there’s is also the decentralized Kademlia, but not all clients support it. So, you should know how to load fresh, working servers.

You should never download anything with eMule before protecting yourself with a VPN.

The eDonkey / eMule network is under strong surveillance and dozens of users are getting sued each day.

Click here to protect yourself.
It will only take you a few minutes.

The so-called server.met file contains this server list, and there are several sources where you can get those. Here, we list you the best resources we could find. Beware of outdated lists you can find online, and only use lists you trust. Some lists contain malicious AP2P (“anti peer to peer”) servers that send out fake search results; the sources below are clean and work great for us at the time of testing. Official site of the “Peerates”-server, updated list
The official site of the “Peerates”-server, with a good, automatically updated list and some stats about the eDonkey-network in general. We like. Polish website, good list
A reliable list, automatically updated list of servers, with the usual “Add to eMule”-button and some additional stats. Automatically updated list
Features a fresh list of selected servers. The site is in German, and there is a handy “Add to eMule”-button which automatically feed the servers into your default ed2k-client.

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