Law And Security – Because Safety Comes First

The Internet, and especially all websites about downloading, has to be used with care.

From the government with their, often quite retarded, laws, to rogue websites and dubious advertising, you should be aware of certain things. On this page, we have compiled a list of several articles about everything related to security, anonymity and the current legal situation.

Anonymity: Hide Your Identity Online

Our general articles on anonymity:

Hide Your Identity Online: An Overview

How To Use A VPN For Anonymity And Unrestricted Internet Access – The most common way to be anonymous online is the use of a VPN. How does that work? Find out here.

PeerBlock / PeerGuardian: Why You Shouldn’t Use It – Has anyone told you that IP blocking with PeerBlock (or any other kind of IP filtering actually) are a good idea to protect your privacy in P2P networks? Think again.

Are Movie Streams Secure? An Analysis Of The Current Situation – “Streaming is illegal and will get you in jail, watch out you evil pirates!!!!!111″… ah yes, how we love all the cute little scare tactics. Is it really true? We try to analyze the current situation for you.

Surf Undergroud Sites Safely

Ah yes, as soon as you quit Facebook, DeviantArt, Reddit and Google, the world gets a bit more shady. Be it strange or annoying banners, popups and ads, or other not-so-friendly attempts to screw you over, it is better to do your research. Remember: better safe than sorry!

5 Easy Steps To Safely Use Streaming And Downloading Sites – Our general overview on how to have a good and safe experience on your favorite sites. A must-read for beginners and everyone looking for a better surfing experience!

Ads From Hell: How To Spot And Avoid The Top 3 Scams – Most legitimate advertising companies don’t like anything related to torrents, streaming or downloading media, so site owners resort to some not-so-cool tricks and offers to make a quick buck. Learn how these schemes work and know what you’re dealing with.


For years now, people have been unsure about what their countries laws really say about downloading, sharing media online or watching movies on streaming sites. What is legal, what is not? We try to shed a bit of light on these issues with our article:

Legal Or Illegal – Debunking The Myths

And what about all those lawsuits going on against people downloading and sharing files online? Especially when talking about torrents and similar P2P networks, misinformation is rife. How exactly are users tracked, and what evidence is used against them? In this article, we explain some common problems people have when downloading stuff online, and provide a general overview about the risks:

Secure Torrent Downloading, Part 2: Warning Letters And Lawsuits – A general overview about the risks of using torrents, and how to easily protect yourself against them.

“Pay Up Or Else”: Anti Piracy Firms And Their Dubious “Evidence” – Exposing the methods used by the same proclaimed “Internet watchdogs”. Is it about stopping piracy, or to spread fear and making as much money as possible, no matter the methods? Decide for yourself…


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