Secure Torrent Downloading, The Ultimate Guide

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“Torrents are completely safe to use and a el-Dorado for media”, says one part of the crowd, “torrents are Russian roulette”, naysayers claim.

So what is true? In this series, we’re going to shed light on what is really going on and analyze possible threats, the likelihood of getting into trouble in some way and what you can do to fight off attacks on you or your computer.

In this first part, it’s all about fake downloads and possible virus infections. We’ll show you how to avoid bogus torrents and greatly reduce the risk of installing adware or anything else you don’t want.

Part 2 will be about lawsuits & warning letters, a topic relevant to beginners and advanced users alike. Exactly which consequences can it have to use torrents both currently and in the future, why is it so important to protect your privacy, and what should you absolutely avoid?

No need to feel unsure about any of this, things are actually very straightforward in practice, even though all the politics are not. We’ll show you how to stay relaxed while downloading.

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