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This guide is part of our “How To Upload” series and describes how to hide your identity while uploading by creating an anonymous Usenet account and using a VPN service. Please note that our “don’t do evil things” disclaimer applies!

If your Usenet provider knows who you are, you cannot upload anonymously, period. Therefore we’ll demonstrate how to cloak your IP and then create a anonymous Usenet account specifically for uploading to maintain your privacy when you contribute to the Usenet community.

Step 1: First, you need a VPN which will encrypt all your traffic and cloak your identity when interacting with the Usenet provider in any way. Head over to for a list of secure providers that don’t log any IPs (using any service that keeps logs is discouraged if you want to be completely covered), and get yourself an account. Also it’s generally a good idea to use an offshore location that is outside the US, just look at what they offer.


Step 2: Connect to your VPN and stay connected during the whole process, and be sure to check if your IP has really been replaced. Go to and compare the IP being shown before and after connecting.

Are you protected? Good! Clear your cookies (click here for a guide if you don’t know how) and create a free email address somewhere on the Internet (Googlemail, for example). You’ll use it during the registration process which will follow.


Step 3: Head over to You need a block account (just take the cheapest one as uploads don’t count toward your transfer limit) and since you don’t want to reveal any personal information to the provider, pay using so called Bitcoins.

To get Bitcoins, we suggest you go on the Internet and look around a little on how things work. Basically, it is an online currency that can be bought anonymously. For maximum security, be sure to use the Tor Browser and use an anonymous money source (so not credit cards…) to get your coins, or use a tumbler or mixer (Google it, it’s more or less straightforward.

Step 4:
Signup, log into your mail account and write down the account data. You’ve got yourself an anonymous Usenet account! Clear your cookies again and you’re done.

Note: As a last measure of security you might need to protect yourself against accidental disconnects of your VPN connection which may happen at any time. We added notes in our uploading guides, so be sure to read them carefully.

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