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What we like: Yay, free test accounts! This provider allows you to test their services for 6 hours with no limitations, an offer you won’t find anywhere else. And at first glance they mostly look great: 32 server locations, all important encryption protocols supported, and a great software that makes setup a breeze. Made with file sharing in mind, it includes a feature that automatically kills and restarts your torrent client if a connection breach occurs, which is cool if you’re using a separate client like uTorrent and not a in-browser solution like Torch (can you imagine your browser suddenly closing and restarting while you’re in the middle of doing something important online?).

For torrents you’ll have to stick to the servers specifically built for it, but they offer you to only buy access to these ones, they actually call it the “Torrent VPN” package. Support is available through live chat and per email, and a very helpful FAQ with videos explains you exactly how to setup software and torrent client.

On top of that, ibVPN actually offers UPnP, which is very helpful if you’re on a private tracker and need to upload as fast as possible. It reduces privacy though, so you have to decide if this is something you want or not – If you don’t know what it is chances are it is irrelevant to you.

What we don’t like: Speed varies greatly, depending on who you ask. While some video reviews found on YouTube claim awesome results, others note how their connection became completely unusable during peak times, especially on the torrent servers. No idea if this has been fixed but it sounds plausible, given the fact that these servers are sold for the cheapest price imaginable. I mean $3.08 per month unlimited bandwidth, with you sharing their connection with thousands of others, all downloading like crazy? Come on…

Also, ibVPN keeps connection logs for 10 days (no activity logs though) and uses dynamic IPs according to some, so like with HideMyAss these guys are not the #1 choice if you want really strong privacy.

Pricing: Loads of packages are available, but the “Torrent VPN” package sells for $3.08 per month if you choose the yearly plan. It can’t get cheaper than that.

Summary: If all you look for is price and good support, ibVPN might be what you’re looking for. Their software is good, though maybe you won’t like their method of protecting you against IP leaks; some might feel it is quite annoying to have your torrent client forcefully closed down and than restarted. Reports on speeds vary greatly, and privacy isn’t perfect, but otherwise it might appeal to you.

If you want to use this service for anonymous file sharing, follow through these instructions to setup the “application kill switch”:

Tutorial: How To Install And Setup The Software For Optimal Protection

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