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In case you didn’t know yet, torrenting is an activity, which enables individuals to access premium and exclusive digital items for free. People utilize it to avail and download different materials, mostly entertainment and computer needs. Unluckily, torrenting is subjected as an illegal and pessimistic activity.

In fact, many people have been caught and penalized for accessing torrenting sites. Are you one of those people who want to take advantage of torrents but want to be safe while using it? Then a virtual private network (VPN) is exactly what you need.

You will find a plethora of VPNs available in the market today. That makes it difficult to know which one is the right one to choose. On top of that, you might find free VPNs that might not be safe to use. Their unreliability puts your precious data in grave danger.

Are you currently using a free VPN? You should keep in mind that a private free VPN has the ability to sell the data of its users to government and private organizations.  Most professionals and tech enthusiasts, together with us here suggest going for a premium virtual private network.

In this post, we are going to walk you through the best top five VPNs you can use for torrenting.

Are you now ready? Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best VPN for Torrenting 

Let us talk about some of the best VPNs for torrenting. Remember that all these VPNs explicitly enable torrenting. Others have particular p2p friendly servers you can easily connect to.

1. NordVPN

There is no doubt that NordVPN is one of the highly sought and widely used VPNs in the market today. The service has remarkable torrent support. It provides a plethora of features, which help make sure every user stays anonymous online.

The great thing about this torrenting VPN service is its versatility. That means you can utilize it on Linux, Android, Mac OS, Windows OS, and even iOS.

The easy to use and basic interface of this VPN service helps the user to use it hassle-free, and it gets rid of the unnecessary technical difficulties. NordVPN is highly suggested by most reputed online communities.

NordVPN has an inclusive network of servers. The company also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. You can easily request a refund if you are not happy with the service within the first months of use.

NordVPN includes all the technical features any potential user want. A few of these specialized features include OpenVPN support, which guarantees strong encryption and high performance. You will also find a DNS leak protection and kill switch. Such a feature helps to make sure your online details are safe.

The privacy features of this service are a big selling point. Nonetheless, speeds always matter and for sure Nord VPN has it.

Other features involve double data encryption and Onion support. These features help to make sure there’s added security. NordVPN also provides p2p support, not to mention that they have a no-logging policy as well.

Keep in mind that the company is licensed and registered in Panama. Therefore, there’s a guarantee that third parties won’t access the user’s internet activity. It is worth mentioning as well that NordVPN provides six simultaneous connections. That only denotes a user could connect six different devices. Hence, you could utilize it on all your devices at a one go. Amazing, isn’t it?

Users might encounter some concerns as they unblock different services. The user interface is no doubt friendly to the user despite encountering such problems. On top of that, tutorials are accessible in case a user experiences problems throughout the process of installation.

In case you have a concern, you can easily reach out to their customer support through live chat or team. The good thing is that the support staff is accessible 24/7. They are always ready to provide an answer to any concern, which comes your way.


Excellent performance

Double data encryption

An efficient kill switch

Remarkable live chat support

Perform a privacy audit

Provide 30 day money back guarantee


The browser extensions are quite basic

The user interface might pose some problems

2. ExpressVPN

On the second spot, we have ExpressVPN. Downloading with a VPN on this service is considered the highest performing VPN on the planet, with its amazing speeds across a wide array of server locations.

It is an excellent option for individuals who wish to download big files or simply watch movies. On top of that, each server provides unlimited bandwidth together with p2p sharing. Indeed, it features a kill switch as well to safeguard you against security breaches when they happen.

ExpressVPN supports a broad spectrum of protocols and it uses a solid and strong encryption. Apart from that, the privacy policy tells that the service doesn’t keep any activity logs or connection. Take note that the service is headquartered in The British Virgin Islands, where logs do not need to be kept. That’s a critical feature for VPN for torrenting.

Another feature, which is worth telling, is the special tunnel for both Mac and Windows users. The features allow torrenting users to safeguard only their torrent client. That leaves each other online action unaffected by the VPN.

The company provides excellent 24/7 live chat support, especially if you  encounter any concerns while using the service. On the other hand, ExpressVPN is a bit expensive when we talk about the price. It is no doubt one of the highest-priced VPNs available on the market. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that the cost is worth it if you want to experience tghe best torrenting experience.

Do you like to keep your anonymity when buying the service? The good news is that you can do so by paying via Bitcoin.

This VPN provider does not provide any free plan or free trial. However, each plan comes with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee. Furthermore, the annual plan provides excellent value for money. That’s because you receive an extra three months free plan with it. That saves you at least forty-nine percent of the initial price.

ExpressVPN guarantees your torrenting experience both smooth and safe with high speeds and AES-256 bit encryption for total security. It’s very p2p friendly. On their website, you will find a page clarifying how to download torrents securely.

They provide a kill switch allowing your internet to shut off immediately if your VPN connection goes down. That guarantees no information is leaked online. They also offer apps for major platforms.

The only negative thing about ExpressVPN is their premium pricing.


30 day money back guarantee

Kill switch activate by default

Passed all the leak and security tests

Excellent client support


A bit costlier, not the cheapest one on the list

3. Surfshark

On the third spot, we have Surfshark that sticks to their promise to make sure you have the swiftest and safest torrenting experience. This VPN service provides everything you need, making it one of the best in the field. This easy to use VPN does that without any restriction aside from permitting the download of torrents.

Not just does it provide unlimited bandwidth for its users. Surfshark also provides unlimited simultaneous connections. Did you know that each Surfshark server supports p2p? That’s especially accessible in nations where p2p sharing is prohibited.

The company takes extra precautionary measures for such nations by rerouting traffic to exclusively made torrent-compatible servers in the Netherlands or Canada. On top of that, the provider employs high-grade encryption for the best user experience and speed optimization.

Keep in mind that this VPN for torrenting utilizes AES-256-GCM for encryption. That is quite unique from the more sought-after AES-256-CBC. In case you are wondering, the major difference between the two is speed. The first features an inbuilt authentication that quickens the entire encryption stage.

Surfshark is a VPN for torrenting that enables you to conceal your online location and online identity. It has different servers in different nations like the majority of premium VPNs out there.

You can easily surf the internet in over sixty nations. The service provides remarkable bandwidth speed to increase your internet, aside from the security feature. Surfshark is considered a reasonable virtual private network provider. Nonetheless, it lacks the volume of server other top VPNs might have.

The majority of servers due to this, are loaded and provide slow speed because of a large number of subscribers. In addition to that, Surfshark is a dependable and basic VPN for torrenting that you can be sure to count on.

Very much the same to ExpressVPN, this service is situated in the British Virgin Islands, making it not within the jurisdiction of the 14 Eyes. That only indicates that the provider is out of the jurisdiction of influential surveillance agencies that could pressure them into divulging the data of their users.

You might be thinking why they decided to be in the British Virgin Island. You see, it’s where the best place for severe no-log policies. Hence, it is not shocking that the service provides a rigorous no-logging policy as well. They do not keep any logs of the activities of the user. That makes them perfect for safe torrenting.


Ten simultaneous connections

Offers 30 day money back guarantee

24/7 customer support



Speed could be a bit frustrating sometimes

Not most nations can connect to it

4. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is considered as one of the emerging VPN for torrenting this year, as many users have noticed a substantial improvement lately. CyberGhost is one of the most dependable options for torrenting with everything it provides when it comes to security and performance.

This virtual private network cones systematically to a p2p compatible server. That makes sure everything is smooth and flawless for its users. It triggers the appropriate settings to safeguard and speed up the download. The best part here is that it opens the torrent program systematically. That offers you comfort and peace of mind without needing to modify the settings.

Have we already mentioned that this service features a ‘Torrent Anonymously’ button? The advantage of that button is that it gets rid of all your worries, and it guarantees your best interests are safeguarded at all costs every time you browse and download torrent files.

Nevertheless, one of the drawbacks of using a CyberGhost VPN is that fact that it abstains HTTPS requests. It does so to stay compatible along with download managers, which didn’t provide support for that protocol.

If you take the time to read their privacy policy, you will see that they have a no-log policy. That guarantees none of your personal information is chronicled or kept. Everything has been well managed and organized while there were some preliminary problems about that.

Are you currently torrenting away from your PC? Then it is good to know that the company provides compatible apps for iOS and Android devices. We would want to see a good improvement in its 24/7 chat support as soon as possible. Nonetheless, this virtual private network is no doubt, one of the ideal choices accessible this year.

To sum up, CyberGhost VPN enables its users to surf the internet anonymously and access any part of the internet, devoid of technical difficulty. The service has the best VPN service for those people who want to bypass content blockage as well as closedowns.

A user can not just conceal his or her IP address but also their geo-location too. It doesn’t provide a broad spectrum of servers, but you can rest assured it is accessible at an economical price.

You will find at least four plans, which provide various prices based on the plan type. You can choose for the best value, which provides two months additional on a complete purchase of three years. That is suitable for you if you are seeking a long term VPN service.

To sum up, CyberGhost is the best service for individuals who are seeking for cheap and affordable premium VPNs in the market.


45-day money back guarantee

Affordable prices on two and three-year plans

Excellent live chat and chat support

Kill switch is activated by default

Offers a big selection of servers


Costly for one month

Not the fastest VPN service in the market

5. Norton Secure VPN

Last but not least is Norton Secure VPN. Norton is one of the sought after and widely popular software development company on the planet. They work to safeguard the system and the online identity of their users.

Keep in mind that the VPN service this company provides can only be accessible in twenty-nine nations. That is comparatively less unlike other VPNs in the market today. Aside from that, it doesn’t compromise at the end of the private aspect.

It is accessible for Mac and Windows on desktop and on iOS and Android for mobile devices. Some users report that it unblocks Netflix efficiently, even though it might not be the ideal device for individuals who are seeking more advanced features like the capability to configure the connection protocol.

Norton Secure VPN is a basic twenty-nine country VPN provider. The VPN does not have many features apart from the dashboard-style connection screen that allows users to choose the connecting server.

There is no capability to modify the connection protocol. You can also configure added features as an automatic kill switch. The app versions add an extra feature: the capability to block access when an unsecured network is connected to.

When it comes to customer support, Norton Secure VPN is famous for its support resources and provides a plethora of support to its customers. The service provides live chat support, 24/7 phone assistance, and even engages with customers over famous social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Overall, Norton Secure VPN is an ideal option for users who want a simple and fast VPN service. Installing the service isn’t that complicated, even though it lacks more innovative features like a kill switch and multiple protocol support. Still, it is an adequate option for people seeking basic VPN service to use for torrenting.


Backed up by 60-day money back guarantee

Utilizes OpenVPN allowing you to configure on routers

No log provider

No records kept personally identifiable


It is a small pool of connection server

Only one protection provided

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of the answers to the commonly asked questions about the best VPN for torrenting. Check out some of them:

Q: Is there a free VPN for torrenting? 

You will find some free VPNs that allow torrenting. However, they are not the ideal option for content sharing. Keep in mind that even the best free virtual private networks have limited powers and features. Essentially, they provide a few remote servers, low speeds and limited bandwidth.

Do you utilize torrents often and do not mind waiting for a long time to have a large file downloaded? Then a few free VPN will do well for you. But if not, choose quality and premium VPN for stress-free torrenting.

Q: How to utilize premium VPN services without cost? 

The best VPNs for torrenting are not free. Nonetheless, most premium services could be utilized for free, thanks to many of them offering money back guarantees and trial period features. Indeed, you need to subscribe first to the VPN of your liking.

Whn using a VPN you are expecting  to get your money back, no questions asked. Until you purchase, you can get the service without any limits and without spending money, just with using the free trials offer.

Q: Why do I need a VPN for torrenting?

Remember that the key purpose of using a VPN service is to hide your real IP address. It changes it with a fake IP that belongs to the VPN service. You might be asking yourself if you can utilize torrents without a VPN.

The answer to that is yes. To some level, you can. Torrent websites aren’t prohibited in the majority of nations. You might utilize them without any charge for sharing legal content without any restrictions.

Overall, employing a VPMN for torrenting is a standard precaution measure. An excellent, trustworthy, and dependable VPN service is necessary for those active torrent users out there.

Q: What will happen if my ISP realizes I am torrenting? 

Do not forget that your ISP could take the necessary action on it. For instance, they will control your bandwidth and make your connection slower. What’s more, they could share your information along with copyright trolls.

They can also offer your personal details to the government, particularly if you see numerous torrenting activities. Your ISP does that as torrenting utilizes a huge volume of bandwidth, and they do not like that.

Q: What are those copyright trolls? 

In case you didn’t know yet, copyright trolls are businesses targeting individuals who torrent. They contact the copyright holder and sign a deal, which could send them legal notices on their behalf. They track torrenting sites and locate IP addresses.

They obtain a list of people’s names and addresses from that, sending notices to different torrent users. They sometimes frighten users by telling them that they might pay a huge amount of money if they take matters to court.

Q: How can I pick a free VPN for torrenting? 

Many VPNs enables torrenting. However, in practice, some of them are extremely not usable. It does not suggest that it could cope with files uploading and downloading. The free VPN should meet numerous prerequisites to be appropriate for torrenting.

Here are some of them:

  • Logging policy – Several VPN providers keep user logs. That suggests they could share that information along with third parties. People who care about security prefer a VPN with a zero-logging policy.
  • Privacy – Privacy is an important feature of the best free VPN for torrents. You wish to be certain that no one monitors you throughout your torrenting sessions. Fortunately, the best VPN utilizes strong encryption to conceal your actions from those prying eyes.
  • Limited Monthly Bandwidth – The majority of free VPN offer limited monthly bandwidth. It denotes that they are not suitable for torrenting.
  • Low Download Speed – You will not be able to share large files with a low download speed. On top of that, it will take too much time as well. The free best VPN for torrenting is the ones, which offer continuously high speed.

Q: Is torrenting really illegal and punishable? 

Torrenting in the real sense  is not legal. However, the content you download is the determinant of which part of the law you’ll be. The majority of media files are safeguarded by copyright laws. Hence, getting such files without getting proper approval is considered not legal.

Different specialists remain to wage serious fights on copyright piracy and infringement. Therefore, downloading some songs, movies, and other media files via torrent could get you on the bad part of the law.

That’s why you should Use the best P2P VPN every time you are downloading a media file from a torrent site.

Q: How do the VPN for torrenting protect? 

VPNs for torrenting safeguard you by hiding your activities. On top of that, they also hide the things or items you download from your Internet Service Provider, the government, and other individuals who might wish to monitor your torrenting activities over the internet.

You see, virtual private networks make sure that by encrypting all the traffic before leaving your device.

Q: Which is the ideal nation to connect VPN when torrenting?

You need to utilize your own region when using VPN, particularly if you are streaming services or accessing bank accounts, which utilize servers based on your nation. Nonetheless, torrenting does not depend on nation-specific servers. Therefore, you have the liberty to connect to a VPN in a nation of your liking.

Nations have unique laws when we talk about the privacy of its users.

Q: What will happen if I get caught torrenting?

You might be wondering the things, which will happen to you once you’re caught torrenting. You will find various things that might take place if you’re caught. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your internet service provider will slow down your service. Worse, they will ban you totally, especially if you have a history of torrenting.
  • The NET Act is the law that prosecutes individuals who download unlawfully copyrighted material.
  • You get a DMCA from your ISP. That could lead to serious legal action over you.

Q: Is torrenting prohibited in America? 

Remember that the Act of torrenting is not prohibited in America, nor the use of a VPN service. Torrenting is legal to employ when you download copyright-free materials, free software trials, and so much more.

Nonetheless, it is prohibited to download when torrenting other kinds of copyrighted media like music, movies, and TV shows without the permission of the copyright holder.

Q: Do every VPN permit torrenting? 

Keep in mind that not all VPN enable torrenting. The VPN should have Peer to Peer (P2P) server locations. You won’t be able to torrent when the p2p feature is not enabled.

Other VPNs risk showing your IP address as well as log details, which could be traceable to you. Others are only senseless for torrenting because either they have slow speeds or have a data limit. Before you buy a premium VPN for torrenting, make sure that you do your research first.

Bottom Line                                                                                       

There you have it! These are our top five PNP VPN for torrenting. To sum up, VPN is an integral need of this online world where the government and internet providers are continuously surveilling everyone’s activities. Your privacy is a great danger. VPNs are the only means to get it covered.

Again, we suggest not using free VPNs, as these brings a risk of your private data being sold/exposed  to other organizations. In this guide, we have shared to you the top five best VPNs for torrenting, which you can use without worrying about  your personal data being stolen.

Keep in mind that we have dropped a factual, honest, and unbiased overview of each VPN covered in this guide.

We hope that this post satisfied your entire search when it comes to the best VPN for torrenting. Nonetheless, if you still have any concerns when it comes to this subject, then feel free to leave your comments below.

Feel free to share this post to your friends and family as well so you can safeguard their online identity. Now, which of this VPN for torrenting is the best for you? Share your experience with us today!

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