Tips to Stay Safe Whilst Playing at Online Casinos

Nina Medanic

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Internet safety has become a huge concern for many people who use the internet online – the use of VPNs and different types of encryption has helped when staying safe online. But people who play at online casinos need to add another few layers to this protection as personal and financial details are at risk.

If you want to enjoy the best online slots 2023 will bring, you need to know how to stay safe whilst you’re playing online. We’re going to give you a rundown of some of the ways you can improve your online safety whilst you’re enjoying some casino games.

Make sure you only play at licensed online casinos


This is one of the biggest ways you can ensure you’re off on the right foot when playing casino games. You should do the necessary research and due diligence, double-checking that any online casino you’re thinking about signing up for is fully licensed.

Every single casino that carries a license from one of the main governing bodies will have a certain number of strict standards and rules they have to follow when it comes to player safety. These include adequate protection of the players’ financial details, ensuring they have measures in place to stop hackers and much more. Always make sure the casino you want to play in is fully licensed.

Encrypt your logins

Another fairly obvious tip – but nonetheless absolutely vital – is to make sure any site you use has adequate encryption. Whenever you enter your details such as your password, the information should be encrypted with some form of high-level encryption, which is then managed and stored in a secure database somewhere.

Any casino you want to play on should leave you feeling safe and confident that everything you enter on the site is kept hidden and private. The most common way sites do this is through 127 Bit SSL level encryption, which will be signified by the padlock next to the web address at the top of your screen.

This is a necessary piece of the security puzzle for online casinos. In the past, some casinos were guilty of storing their users’ passwords in raw text format. This eventually led to hackers managing to get hold of every user’s password, causing a huge problem. Thankfully, online casino internet security has come on a long way since then!

Use a password generator

Login screen

To add another level of protection to your logins, you can use a password generator to automatically create a complex and almost uncrackable password. These password generators are built into many internet browsers and VPNs but you can also find stand-alone ones.

The passwords that are generated by these creators are incredibly complex and in-depth, featuring random assortments of capital letters, numbers and special characters.

Use the added security options at casinos

Many online casinos will now include optional security features which you should definitely contemplate using. Some have the option of allowing you to use an RSA token, which adds a random code you need to verify every time you log in. These make it incredibly hard for hackers to get into your account as they won’t be able to input the RSA code.

Another option is Two Factor Authentication. This sends a code or verification attempt to your phone every time you log in, and you have to be able to access your phone in order to be able to verify it.

Use secure payment methods

Credit card on laptop

Finally, Yet another layer of protection you can add to your playing is making sure you’re using a well-known and trustworthy payment method to get your money in and out of the casino.

Thankfully, there are a number of different methods you can use that have incredible levels of protection. Some of the best are the methods which keep your details away from the online casino, meaning hackers can’t get hold of them. These methods include e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, as well as prepayment cards like PaySafeCard.

Cryptocurrencies are also an incredibly strong payment method for anonymity, but they are not as widely used at online casinos. If you can find a casino that accepts bitcoin or another digital currency, it may be the safest option available when it comes to keeping your financial details away from any sort of prying eyes!

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