YTS Proxy Site List: YIFY Mirror [Updated this month]

Antonia Zivcic

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For avid movie enthusiasts, YTS, formerly known as YIFY, has long been a go-to destination for high-quality movie torrents. However, due to various legal constraints and copyright issues, accessing YTS directly may be restricted in certain regions. To circumvent these restrictions, many users turn to YTS proxy sites, also known as YIFY mirror websites. In this article, we’ll provide an updated list of YTS proxy sites and explore how they enable users to continue accessing their favorite movies hassle-free.

Understanding YTS Proxy Sites

Understanding YTS Proxy Sites

YTS proxy sites, also referred to as YIFY mirror websites, are alternative web addresses that mirror the content of the original YTS website. These proxy sites replicate the interface and functionality of YTS, allowing users to browse, search, and download torrents of their favorite movies. By accessing YTS through proxy sites, users can bypass geo-blocking and access the content even in regions where the main website is blocked or restricted.

List of YTS Proxy Sites

1. One of the most reliable YTS proxy sites, offers a vast collection of movie torrents in high-quality formats. With its user-friendly interface and fast download speeds, is a popular choice among movie enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Another trusted YTS proxy site, provides seamless access to YTS content without any restrictions. With its extensive library of movies and easy-to-use interface, is a convenient option for users looking to download their favorite films hassle-free.

3. is a reliable YTS proxy site that offers fast and secure access to YTS torrents. With its intuitive interface and robust security features, ensures a seamless browsing and downloading experience for users.

4. As the name suggests, is a YTS proxy site that helps users bypass geo-blocking and access YTS content from anywhere in the world. With its simple interface and extensive movie library, is a popular choice among movie lovers.

5. is another YTS proxy site that provides unrestricted access to YTS torrents. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, makes it easy for users to find and download their favorite movies with ease.

How to Use YTS Proxy Sites

Using YTS proxy sites is simple. Users can access these sites by typing the proxy site’s URL into their web browser’s address bar. Once on the proxy site, users can browse the available movie torrents, search for specific titles, and initiate downloads just like they would on the original YTS website. It’s important to note that while YTS proxy sites provide access to YTS content, users should exercise caution and ensure they’re downloading torrents from reputable sources to avoid malware or copyright infringement issues.


YTS proxy sites play a crucial role in enabling users to access YTS content conveniently and securely. By providing alternative web addresses that mirror the original YTS website, these proxy sites bypass geo-blocking and allow users to continue enjoying their favorite movies hassle-free. With the updated list of YTS proxy sites provided in this article, movie enthusiasts can access YTS content from anywhere in the world and continue to indulge in their passion for cinema. However, users should always prioritize safety and legality when downloading torrents and exercise caution to avoid potential risks associated with copyright infringement and malware.

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