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In February of 2020, there was a survey posted on the internet where people could voice their opinion about foot locker.
Topics included: Where would you rather shop?, What is your favorite Foot Locker Brand?
Introduction: Due to declining sales and lack of innovation in recent years, many retailers are struggling to survive as they make changes such as updating stores or increasing prices.
“It’s not just physical stores that have seen decline in revenue- so has online retail.”
A 2017 study by Chainalysis estimates that 2 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin transactions were untraceable due to coin mixers which made it impossible for law enforcement agencies like Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the IRS to track them down. The US government may be able to step up protection by creating new regulations based off blockchain technology which will make it harder for criminals from using cryptocurrencies laundering schemes., “for example, requiring exchanges with significant trading volumes report suspicious activity”.

The “www.flpulse.com foot locker survey” is a survey that was created by Fl Pulse.com and is designed to help parents find the best foot locker for their child.


Kids Foot Locker Survey

Kids Foot Locker is an athletic footwear retailer for children of all ages. Since its inception in 1988, this shop has been based in Cleveland, Ohio, and now employs 44,000 people. The business features a large selection of footwear, accessories, and children’s clothing that will make your children stand out from the crowd.

This firm responds positively to clients and does all possible to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality and trustworthiness of the items they are selling. Kids Foot Locker offers their own online Customer Survey to collect opinions or comments from consumers in order to improve their quality and services. You may give them feedback by filling out this survey.

The Kids Foot Locker survey asks a few questions about the services they provide at their shops. There is an online questionnaire with all of these items to complete in order to examine a customer’s feedback. These questions might be on their goods, commodities, and atmosphere, as well as the behavior of their employees, services, and customer response time.

Completing the footlockersurvey assists the firm in determining all elements of a person’s purchasing experience, both favorable and bad. Giving an honest feedback by letting them know how a consumer feels when shopping at this place may assist with a variety of issues. However, there are certain guidelines to follow while conducting this online survey to provide feedback to the Kids Foot Locker shop.

Kids Foot Locker Survey 2021

Kids Foot Locker is interested in receiving customer feedback after they buy certain goods from the shop so that they may enhance their experience after reviewing their comments carefully. That is why they value your feedback so much that they reward consumers who complete the survey with rewards and a kids foot locker promo code.

You will get a Foot Locker discount coupon for completing your survey at Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction survey, which you may use on your next visit. It will give you a $10 discount on any purchase of $50 or more.

Regulations and Rules

  • The individual must be able to use a web-connected computer or a smartphone.
  • That individual should be able to communicate in English or Spanish.
  • The individual must also have a receipt from a Kids Foot Locker transaction with a survey invitation written on it.

Before beginning the kids foot locker customer survey, the client should be willing to fulfill the following conditions so that the survey may be completed quickly.

  • Any related web device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or PC, will be necessary.
  • The receipt from your most recent transaction must have an invitation from Kids Foot Locker, as well as a shop number. The shop number must be entered.
  • You must be able to communicate in both English and Spanish.
  • You must complete out and reply to all of the survey’s fields.
  • Kids Foot Locker may request your contact information.

Representatives from Kids Foot Locker are available for customer support 24 hours a day, and they reply with answers to your queries. You may get more information and facts about Kids Foot Locker’s services and perks, such as free coupons, by visiting their website.

You may use the customer feedback form to ask questions and make comments to assist them improve their services. Following that, you will be asked to provide them your contact information through email, including your name, phone number, and address, so that they may respond to you.

After you’ve gathered all of the prerequisites, we’ve provided detailed instructions on how to complete the Kids Foot Locker Customer Survey.


  • Then, after you’ve arrived at the survey’s main page, you’ll be prompted to choose a preferred language for the survey before pressing the ‘Next’ button.
  • After you’ve chosen a language, look for a 5-digit code in the top left corner of your receipt, which you must type into the appropriate area on the screen.
  • Then you must decide on the day and time of your visit to the business.
  • Then you’ll be given a series of questions regarding your most recent or recent shopping experience at a Kids Foot Locker location. You must respond truthfully.
  • When you’ve finished answering all of the questions, they’ll issue you a validation code, which you may use to receive discount deals at the Kids Foot Locker shop the next time you visit.

You’ll have an easier time contacting Kids Foot Locker if you dial their phone number. For your convenience, we’ve included their customer support phone number below.

  • The phone line for local consumers is 1-800-991-6684.
  • The phone number for foreign consumers is 1-715-261-9710.

Kids Foot Locker may also be found on social media, where you can learn more about their services and goods as well as leave a comment. You may find them on the following social media platforms.

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This was all about the Kids Foot Locker customer survey and the KidsFootLockerSurveyPrize that was given away when the survey was completed. Customers are given the information they need to complete the survey. Contact them for further information or leave a comment in the box below.

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