Which Azure Email Service to Choose for 2021


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Whether you’re a new business or an existing enterprise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available for email services. In this post, we’ll give you some top-notch advice on how to choose which Azure Email Service is right for your company in 2021.

The “azure sendgrid” is a service that has been created by Microsoft. It allows users to create email campaigns and send them out through the cloud. This service is free for up to 10,000 emails per month.

Which Azure Email Service to Choose for 2021

Do you need to install or test email-sending scripts or apps on Azure? If you haven’t already worked it out, there is no native Azure email service. But don’t panic; you’re not necessarily in danger.

A third-party SMTP relay or smart host would be your best option. However, you can’t simply use any smart host; it must support TLS and port numbers other than 25. Because Microsoft has blocked outbound SMTP communication from Azure, you should avoid utilizing port 25.

You’ll learn about some of the most popular hosted email delivery service options that you may use as an Azure email service in this post.

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Optional Azure Email Services from Third Parties

There are other Azure email service choices. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choose which email provider to use. However, dependability, security, and affordability are the most important considerations.

Understandably, this essay cannot cover all email services available. The following is a list of email providers that offer free plans so you may try them out before choosing to upgrade or subscribe to a paying plan.

  • SendGrid
  • MailGun
  • Mailjet
  • SendInBlue
  • SocketLabs

It’s worth noting that there are two ways to use these services: SMTP relay and Email API. Using an SMTP server address and a port number is known as SMTP relay. Email API, on the other hand, necessitates integrating the service into your code and communicating through HTTP.

Send-MailMessage: The PowerShell Way to Send Email is related.

You’ll find that the majority of these email services are targeted toward marketing campaigns and newsletters when you dig further into them. However, this does not preclude you from using their services for reasons other than marketing.

GridSend (Free, Paid)

SendGrid stands out from the crowd since it can be installed directly from the Azure Portal. SendGrid is a resource available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. There are numerous plans available with SendGrid, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premier, and Premier Volume.

As of this writing, the SendGrid free tier in Azure is no longer accessible to choose from. The SendGrid free plan is still accessible straight from the SendGrid website, albeit with a significantly reduced daily email count limit.

The list of SendGrid plans as seen in Azure is given in the picture below.

Azure SendGrid plansAzure SendGrid plans

Each Azure subscription allows customers to establish up to two SendGrid accounts. After you’ve set up your SendGrid account, you can select whether to utilize the email service as an SMTP relay or an API.

The available plans are as indicated in the graphic below if you establish a SendGrid account outside of Azure and straight from the SendGrid website.

Pricing plans for SendGridPricing plans for SendGrid

In summary, utilizing SendGrid as an Azure Email Service provides the following benefits:

  • There is no free plan if SendGrid is installed on Azure. The least paid subscription (Bronze) begins at $9.95 per month and includes 40,000 emails every month.
  • There is a free plan that permits 100 emails each day – indefinitely – if the SendGrid account is established via the SendGrid website (or until the offering changes).
  • TLS Ports 25, 587, and 2525 are used for SMTP relay.
  • API integration for email.
  • SendGrid API Key and Password are used to secure the account.

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MailGun (Free Trial, Paid)

MailGun is another Azure email service alternative. MailGun also has an SMTP relay and an Email API, allowing you to utilize it as a smart host or integrate it into your programs.

Email monitoring and analytics are also included with MailGun. Furthermore, MailGun offers a service-level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent uptime — talk about dependability!

Isn’t it fantastic? You may be thinking there’s got to be a catch. There is, indeed. For the first three months, the Flex (Pay As You Grow) plan enables just 5000 emails each month. You’ll have to start paying when the three months are done.

The price plan table for MailGun is shown below, obtained from their website.

Plans for MailGun pricingPlans for MailGun pricing

In short, employing MailGun as an Azure Email Service provides the following benefits:

  • For the first three months, there is a trial plan with a monthly email limit of 5,000 emails.
  • TLS Ports 25, 465, 587, and 2525 are used for SMTP relay.
  • API integration for email.
  • API Key and SMTP credentials are used to secure the account.

MailJet (Free, Paid)

MailJet is another cloud-based Azure email service alternative. Email marketing campaigns and transactional emails are also targeted by this third-party email provider. It does, however, have SMTP relay and an Email API.

MailJet has a non-expiring free plan with a monthly limit of 6,000 free emails. However, the free allotment only allows you to send 200 emails every day. You don’t even have to provide your credit card information when you join up.

More expensive options with less limitations and greater monthly limits are available if necessary. The commercial plans start at 30,000 emails each month and have no daily restriction.

The features and capabilities of the various MailJet price plans are shown in the image below.

Plans for MailJet pricePlans for MailJet price

In summary, employing MailJet as an Azure Email Service provides the following benefits:

  • Free plan with a monthly limitation of 6,000 emails and a daily sending restriction of 200 emails.
  • TLS Ports 25, 465, 587, 588, and 2525 are used for SMTP relay.
  • API integration for email.
  • API Key and SMTP credentials are used to secure the account.

BlueSendIn (Free, Paid)

SendInBlue does not fall behind in terms of functionality when it comes to free SMTP relay services. You receive a daily maximum of 300 emails sent for an endless duration when you join up for the free plan – all you need is an email address.

You also receive the Email API functionality, which you can integrate into your code or app to gain the same advantages as the SMTP relay service. Their SMTP relay endpoint routes your SMTP connections to the fastest servers in your area.

You receive the basic features, such as email monitoring, analytics, and reporting, even with the free subscription. For additional information, see the SendInBlue price page, however the picture below depicts the basic features of each package.

Pricing options for SendInBluePricing options for SendInBlue

If you’re interested in learning more about SendInBlue, go here.

In summary, employing SendInBlue as an Azure Email Service provides the following benefits:

  • Free plan with no expiration date and a daily sending limit of 300 emails.
  • TLS Port 587 for SMTP relay.
  • API integration for email.
  • API Key and SMTP credentials are used to secure the account.

SocketLabs is a software development company (Free, Paid)

SocketLabs, according to their website, promises to be the “#1 Best Email Delivery Service.” For the first month, SocketLabs offers a free plan that includes 40,000 emails sent. Then, during the following months, you’re limited to sending 2,000 emails every month.

SocketLabs may be used as an SMTP relay via port 2525, or its Email API can be used in your code. It also has features like email monitoring, analytics, and data center redundancy that are comparable to the preceding ones in this article.

Access to the SMTP service is likewise protected via an API Key or SMTP Credentials, as anticipated, so that only authorized clients or apps may use it. More information on SocketLabs pricing may be found on their website. You may also look at the screenshot below to see what plans are available.

Pricing plans for SocketLabsPricing plans for SocketLabs

In summary, employing SocketLabs as an Azure Email Service provides the following benefits:

  • A free package that sends 40,000 emails in the first month and 2,000 emails after that.
  • TLS Port 2525 for SMTP relay.
  • API integration for email.
  • API Key and SMTP credentials are used to secure the account.

SMTP Authenticated Relay in Office 365

Yes, Office 365 is a paid service. If you already have Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online, you may utilize the built-in SMTP relay capability.

These criteria must be met in order to utilize the Office 365 SMTP Auth relay as an Azure email service.

You may not need to update your domain’s Sender Policy Framework DNS record (SPF) or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) settings if you use this arrangement.

How to Send Email with PowerShell and Office 365 Direct Send


Apps and servers may use free yet outstanding SMTP relay and Email API solutions even if there is no native Azure email service and outgoing SMTP through port 25 is banned by default.

Each email delivery provider has its own set of capabilities and drawbacks. Which option should you pick? You can only make an educated conclusion about which service is best for you after investigating and trying each.

The “azure set up smtp server” is a question that has been asked many times. There are two different email services for Azure: Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365. The decision you make will depend on what your company needs.

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