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Here is a list of VPNs with support for port forwarding, for maximum results in file sharing networks (BitTorrent, Soulseek…). Some are better, some require more sofisticated setup or have to be reconfigured every time you connect to the network.

“IMPORTANT: Do NOT forward on your router the same ports you use on your listening services while connected to the VPN. Doing so exposes your system to correlation attacks and potentially causes unencrypted packets to be sent outside the tunnel from your client.”

Deactivate UPnP on your router is necessary.

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ibVPN: Very Good Support

One of the best VPNs if you need a cheap service that still delivers. They have automatic port forwarding (UPnP) on their P2P servers, you simply select a random port over 13000 in your file sharing client (say, 20414 or something), and the VPN client will automatically open the port for you.

For some users however, automatic setup doesn’t work. Be sure to use the free 6 hours trial to determine if ibVPN is for you – no credit card information is required, just email and name.

Click here to visit ibVPN

TorGuard: Very Cheap, And Great Port Forwarding

Probably one of the best choices for port forwarding, and on the cheap side, is TorGuard. Granted, they miss some of the bells and whistles that more expensive VPNs have, but few people miss them. They provide port forwarding on request, meaning you have to click a few buttons in the members area to activate the ports.

Definitely a good choice.

Click here to visit TorGuard

Private Internet Access: Great Provider, But A Bit Complicated

This is one of the best VPNs out there, and also has support for port forwarding. However, their method is a bit more complicated, and only provides you with one forwarded port instead of several. This is a problem if you need something like Soulseek, which required several ports to be forwarded.

Also, you get a few port every time you connect, so you have to reconfigure your P2P client. All in all however, a great provider.

Click here for Private Internet Access

SwitchVPN: how good?

Astrill: automatic!

strongvpn: how good?

purevpn: on some plans. How good?

earthvpn: yes, but only one, dynamic, extra costs

Hide.me: yes, how good?

airvpn: yes

BolehVPN: Yes, how good?

privatevpn: yes, how good?

vpn4all: yes, but only one, and dynamically (?)


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