The Complete Guide to Board Meeting Apps with the Latest Features


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You’ve probably had to set up a conference room on a regular basis, whether you run a small or large business. You talk about topics like strategy, financial reporting, law, and so on. How can you improve the efficiency of everything here? Right now, there aren’t many tools available. The majority of independent researchers in the field of cutting-edge technology and business solutions recommend learning about the board portal.

Although it goes by a different name, the application is accessible to all senior administrative staff. If you adopt this suggestion to your business style, this application can eventually be used by both middle and junior management. This is extremely useful if you have a large number of cases that must be synchronized with one another in order to increase management efficiency. After that, we will only discuss this tool.

Introduction to the board portal

It is not difficult to comprehend what board of directors software is. You should imagine a set of tools that allow you to automate the entire work process. This is especially true for internal company negotiations. For example, if you are discussing your company’s future strategy, this type of application has all of the necessary tools to make it happen as quickly as possible.

This proposal is used by world-famous companies such as Microsoft and Google, which should come as no surprise. They invented this type of application from the start, and new businesses have realized the importance of automating a routine work process with board document management. Their progress was previously unknown. You’re in luck because most private developers provide their services.

Basic features

You can look at the features that are provided to you in almost every basic board portal solution. Just compare the board meeting apps to find the best of all. There aren’t that many of these features, and they can all be grouped into separate categories, which are as follows.

Tools for meetings

This category of tools includes various questionnaires, the creation of an agenda or a specific meeting, and various monitoring systems that track engagement in the conversation. You should also consider each developer’s own development or the use of off-the-shelf solutions for the video conference itself.

Ready-made solutions can be found by using a third-party app like Zoom or Google Meets. In any case, we advise you not to use a third-party offering as your primary video conferencing tool because your data will remain on the servers of each individual program you use to discuss important issues anyway. Generally speaking, it is safe, but it would be safer for you if you were using only one application and your data were only on one server. Do a board software comparison of different products to find the best deals on tools.

Documents tools

Despite the fact that board portals are not used primarily as a repository for documentation, this function is still present in all basic solutions. The reason for this follows from the fact that during the discussion of various issues, relevant documentation must be attached.

The documentation has to be sorted, indexed, and correctly filed. All of this is handled by the automated or manual system of each individual board portal. You can, if you have this feature, let artificial intelligence sort your documents, or do it the way you need to do it manually. Within the board portal file storage, there are tools such as search, folder creation, and the regulation of various permissions.

Data security tools

Data security service tools include things like providing security for each individual document that is provided during the discussion of a topic, as well as various role creations or individual user restrictions. You can also monitor activity both during and after the discussion. Data logging is also available among the tools, allowing you to eventually view or listen to your past meetings. This makes it necessary to create notes or review your weekly plans with a report.

Advanced features

Among the advanced features provided by each software developer are the following:

  • Artificial intelligence support. This year and last year were advanced years in the field of artificial intelligence research. Corporate developers couldn’t get past this phenomenon, so they tried to implement it in their products. At the moment, artificial intelligence organizes and indexes the documents you have attached during discussions and can also monitor activity.
  • Blockchain support. Although blockchain is solely an accounting method for cryptocurrency, the technology has been successfully applied to most corporate systems, including the board portal. It is a more convenient and secure means of conducting more secure activities.

There are also other advances from developers that are exceptionally unique. If you want to find out more about them, try to contact each individual advanced portal manufacturer for your directors and ask them directly what they offer. The majority of them have their own laboratories, with which they develop new stuff.


Most of today’s software market researchers say with one voice that virtual boardroom technology will evolve rapidly over the next few years. We can expect to see the development of advanced technology as well as improvements to the basics. The rather intriguing fact is what artificial intelligence will be like inside the Boardroom Portal in a couple of years. Consider the fact that AI has already taken over much of our everyday and corporate lives.

It will also be quite interesting to look at the development of blockchain technology, which is now a direct substitute for standard processes that take place at the technology level. It is likely to be a major cyber defense against the so-called quantum computers that are already proliferating among individual companies.

The board management software has proposed eliminating paper from the workflow, which is a driving factor in its development. Paperwork should have been put in a distant drawer a long time ago because it inhibits the development of both businesses and employees. If you discuss innovative ideas on paper, the process of discussion itself can go much slower.

Interestingly enough, developers continue to provide the best training imaginable. This is because they want their software to be as useful to your specific company as possible.


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