Soundcloud Not Available In Your Country; The Best Available Solutions


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Soundcloud is a popular online streaming platform for independent artists. So it makes little sense to find it unavailable in some countries.

However, there are ways to get around the geographical block and access Soundcloud. So Unblocking Soundcloud might not be as difficult as you think.

So let’s look at ways to access the streaming service when Soundcloud is unavailable in your country.

Why Is Soundcloud Not Available In Your Country?

Soundcloud might not be available in your country because it has been banned in certain countries.

However, for most of North America, America, and Europe, Soundcloud services are readily available. Some streaming services are inaccessible in other countries as well.

Apart from countries where Soundcloud is banned, you can still access Soundcloud and other streaming platforms such as gaming platforms, and video streaming.

Below are a few methods we found were excellent for bypassing Soundcloud geo-blocks and accessing Soundcloud.

How To Unblock Soundcloud

Here are a few methods to bypass Soundcloud in your country.

1) Connect To A VPN Server

A Soundcloud VPN should have a wide range of protocols. Such protocols should consist of:

  • Multiple servers across the world.
  • Robust security features
  • Consistent content blocking.
  • High speeds
  • Supports torrent anonymously

A strong VPN server and connection will conceal your IP addresses and hide your actual location.

                                                            Connecting to a VPN server

Soundcloud does not have any mechanism to seek out IP addresses related to VPNs. Therefore, you can easily stream music without the threat of a ban.

Apart from concealing your location, a good VPN should also:

i) Protect Your Data

A VPN that offers strong security for your data will serve you well. You can easily use it to protect confidential information, including financial information.

Additionally, a good VPN will hide your private information from outsiders. No one will be able to track or view your data.

ii) Avoid Geo-Restrictions

A Virtual Private Network Service will allow you access in countries with heavy restrictions and censorship.

A reliable VPN service will re-route your data and replace your usual IP address with another location.

iii) Unblock Other Streaming Services

Soundcloud isn’t the only thing you will be able to access. You can access other streaming services with a strong, remote VPN server.

You could conveniently stream music on other streaming services with unlimited bandwidth, depending on the VPN access.

2) Proxy Servers

Since VPNs came into the picture, proxy servers have been used less and less. A proxy server acts like a gateway between users and the internet.

Using a proxy server protects outsiders from gaining access to your private network. It could deter unnecessary cyber attacks.

                                                                     Proxy server

However, you can use a proxy server to bypass any bans and restrictions if you have trouble accessing Soundcloud.

A proxy server can also be helpful in instances where your school’s local network ban prevents you from accessing Soundcloud.

However, with a proxy server, you should know it’s easy to detect online proxy traffic. It is also easy to block it.

A few details to look out for before selecting a proxy server:

i) Type of Proxy

There are many different varieties of proxy servers. For example, you will have to choose between:

  • Anonymous proxy
  • Distorting proxy
  • Transparent proxy
  • High anonymity proxy

Each proxy has its specific use.

ii) Advanced Security Features

Falling prey to hackers, malware, and phishing can befall anyone. Therefore, selecting a proxy server with advanced security features reduces the chances of that happening.

Additionally, if you use the proxy server for controlled browsing for your children, you can easily deny access to certain websites.

3) TOR For Browser

Apart from being easy and free to set up, using TOR for the browser is a great way to bypass all those blocks.

With TOR, you will have to do some manual configuration with the random exit nodes. However, once it is set up, it is very useful.

                                                                        TOR browser

After creating and testing a TOR entry point, you can now use it to access Soundcloud. For example, you might be in the US, and your IP address will read France.

You can always access the TOR manual installation guide if you have a problem installing TOR.

What to look for on a TOR:

i) HTTPS Instead of HTTP

When using TOR, always use (HTTP://) instead of (HTTP://). This will prevent any exit nodes from being compromised.

HTTPS secures any communication coming from your computer. Therefore, with TOR, ensure to use HTTPS.

ii) Anonymous Services

You can also use anonymous services which will not reveal your information to other parties. However, many sites will report on your activity as soon as you start to use them.

Using anonymous services should keep your TOR up and running and prevent any outside access.

4) Smart DNS

A smart DNS allows you to bypass any geo-blocking systems to access content by issuing you with a different location online.

Therefore, you can easily access Soundcloud and other streaming sites. In addition, smart DNS doesn’t modify your traffic, which means it won’t slow down your internet connection.

You can also utilize smart DNS to access video-streaming sites. However, you should be aware of DNS leak protection.

                                                             Connecting to a DNS server

Usually, a DNS leak could lead to unwanted parties accessing your personal information.

To stop a DNS leak, you should open the kill switch. Some DNS services offer an automatic kill switch.

The kill switch will effectively block any DNS leaks if your connection drops. Your connection will remain inaccessible to anyone.

Select a DNS with the following features:

i) High Streaming Speeds

There is nothing more annoying than streaming lags. So always select a DNS with fast server speeds.

This will allow you to download your music and videos as quickly as possible without a DNS leak.

ii) Protection From Malware

When searching for a good DNS, ensure it offers protection from malware. Apart from malware, it should also offer protection against phishing.

Both phishing and malware can make your network susceptible to cyber attacks from outside parties.

iii) Privacy

Ensure the DNS you select doesn’t sell your information to third parties. It should also be unable to track your data anywhere.

This will minimize the likelihood of other malicious attacks on your private network.

iv) Excellent Servers

By this, we mean your DNS should provide you with the best and most stable connection. It should also provide you with the best connection speed.

This can only be achieved if there are multiple servers to serve your network. Otherwise, you will have a weak connection, and it will be easily accessed.

What Method Is Best For Unblocking Soundcloud?

Given all the methods we have named above, there will still be one that suits all your needs.

However, before we let you make that verdict, we have to have a comparison between all the methods we have mentioned above.

a) VPN

                                                                     Launching a VPN app


  • Has additional security features such as a stealth VPN feature, and an automatic kill switch, among others.
  • Changes your public IP address to avoid tracking.
  • VPNs encrypt and scramble your internet traffic. This makes it impossible for third parties to access your network.
  • A VPN is easy and simple to set up, connect, and use once connected to a VPN server.


  • A good VPN will be expensive. This might be a bother if you rarely use the VPN but pay for it monthly.
  • Since a VPN service encrypts your data, it becomes slower since it has to add extra steps between the user (you) and the internet.

b) DNS

                                                                              DNS server


  • Faster compared to VPN services since no smart DNS has to encrypt data. This also makes them lightweight in comparison.
  • A smart DNS is cheaper compared to a VPN.
  • A smart DNS is a good option to access Soundcloud and other geo-restrictions.


  • DNS will not hide your IP address.
  • A smart DNS can’t give you a secure connection that could allow third parties to track you easily.
  • Very complicated setup, especially for beginners.

c) TOR

                                                                     TOR browser


  • TOR browser is easy to download and install. It is also easy to set up.
  • Compared to normal browsers, TOR browsers are very secure.
  • TOR is free. It won’t cost anything at all to download and install.
  • TOR browsers are the only way to access onion sites (dark web).


  • Always expect a super slow connection because the TOR browser routes data via three servers.
  • TOR browsers work well to hide your IP address; however, they don’t do much to hide or encrypt any internet traffic.

d) Proxy Servers

                                                                          Proxy server


  • Has servers in over 78 countries worldwide
  • Offers dedicated IP addresses
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections


  • Inconsistent speeds

Now that you have all the pros and cons of all the methods you can use to access Soundcloud block, you can make an informed decision.

Additionally, it is super important to note that any method you choose is suitable for accessing Soundcloud.

However, the difference lies in all the additional features and the security features of each method.

Most people prefer a VPN to unblock Soundcloud because of simultaneous connections, including your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

i) Why Can’t I Play Songs On Soundcloud?

First, you have to be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Soundcloud application.

Secondly, if you have extensions or block-in plug-ins, ensure to disconnect them. You should now be able to listen to your favorite music.

ii) Can I Use A Free VPN For Soundcloud?

Short answer, yes. You can use a free VPN service to access music on Soundcloud. However, the VPN service has to have strong encryption.

Apart from that, ensure that the free VPN service has advanced security. However, you should know that ads and malware could accompany free VPN services.

Free VPNs also don’t have the encryption required to give you the required private internet access.

iii) Why Is Soundcloud Blocked?

Soundcloud can be blocked in your school or workplace for a number of reasons. First, schools and workplaces block media-streaming sites for fear of breaking copyright laws.

You can easily override these blocks by using any of the methods we have highlighted above.

iv) Why Is Soundcloud Not Available In My Country?

Because some Soundcloud members don’t have the right to release songs in areas where they don’t have the licensing rights.

Because of this, the members might only have their music in certain countries and not others.

v) How Do I Make My Soundcloud Tracks Available In My Country?

By using an appropriate VPN app. The right VPN app can bypass the geo-restrictions and get you listening to any track you want.

If playing the tracks again doesn’t work, you can try turning the VPN on and off. This should work and get you listening to your favorite music.

The Bottom Line

Soundcloud is an awesome music streaming service with a variety of music. While there might be blocks in different countries, VPNs and other methods are there to save the day.

Additionally, since Soundcloud doesn’t block VPNs, it will be super easy to access the music you want.

If one of the suggestions we have mentioned doesn’t work, you can also try the rest. This will help you settle on the best one.

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