Shanky Mendiratta is our ATA Friend of the Month!


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Shanky Mendiratta is the Managing Director of Media and Entertainment at ATA. He helps bring his team, company culture, and industry expertise to all our clients through a blend of creative strategy, strategic consulting, new product development
and corporate identity design. Shanky has worked with companies such as Microsoft Xbox 360
and EA Sports for over 15 years in multidisciplinary roles that have spanned marketing communications planning including advertising campaigns
to social media strategies to business development initiatives to operational improvements for businesses across every sector from healthcare services
to consumer electronics retailers. His deep experience working with C-suite executives on brand plans makes him uniquely qualified for a role like ours in which he can help build brands within entertainment while also supporting the ATAs overall mission by bringing energy into its projects so they are successful both creatively and commercially along the way too!).

Shanky Mendiratta is our ATA Friend of the Month!

Shanky-Mendiratta-is-our-ATA-Friend-of-the-MonthMendiratta Shanky

This month’s ATA Friend is Mendiratta Shanky!

Shanky would like to express his gratitude to his older brother, Adam Bertram, who has always led, mentored, and taught him whenever he needed it. Shanky enjoys reading, writing, and working with DevOps tools.

Shanky has contributed to ATA with a total of 9 posts since joining us in, and we appreciate each and every one of them!

Shanky is a new contributor to ATA, but he’s already shown that he’s prepared to put in the effort to enhance his writing talents. He’s been taking the comments I’ve given to heart and incorporating it into his future articles. Shanky, I suppose, is an ATA up-and-comer.

Shanky is being honored by ATA for his devotion to improve his writing, being professional and polite, and giving so much to the organization.

Shanky, thank you very much for contributing to ATA!

Check out what Shanky has been up to on his author profile page to see what he’s been up to.

Thank you very much, Shanky! You’re fantastic!

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