Price dynamics houses for sale in Benidorm for expats


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Houses for sale in Benidorm for expats comply with international standards. The choice is very large, go to the aggregator Spain-Real.Estate electronic catalog, look at the various offers. Especially interesting are the houses that are located near the sea, their prices will only grow.

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Description of the city

Benidorm is a unique seaside town; it does not look like traditional Spanish settlements, which are dominated by small houses and narrow streets. The unofficial name of Benidorm is “Spanish Miami”; there are many high–rise buildings, shopping malls, casinos, and entertainment venues in the city. Half a century ago it was a fishing village, but now Benidorm has turned into the capital of the Costa Blanca province.

For investors from the UK, France, and the USA, this region has become an attractive place to buy houses. In total, officially there are no more than 70 thousand residents in the city, but in the warm season the population increases many times; Thanks to the influx of vacationers.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of tourists; this fact indirectly confirms that real estate prices will continue to rise, demand will increase.

Buying a house is a conservative asset that will not only save capital, but can also increase it if you rent a house. Against the background of the stagnation of the economy in the European Union, rising energy prices, growing inflation, investing in “eternal values” is a wisdom strategy.

Price dynamics

The structure of real estate prices is formed relative to the coastline. Houses in the central part of the city are much cheaper than villas on the coast. The price difference is quite large, it can reach 40%. Factors that influence price formation:

  1. When the building is built.
  2. The number of square meters.
  3. The size of the plot.
  4. Availability of a swimming pool
  5. Is there a sea view?

After the COVID–19 pandemic, there has been a surge in business activity in the area of buying and selling residential buildings. Go to the electronic aggregator of Spain-Real.Estate, look at the offers. This is a reliable partner who is well known in the market, he can be trusted to buy a house. After buying a house more expensive than 500 thousand euros, you can apply for a Golden Visa – a residence permit, the user receives a number of benefits, as well as entry to 25 EU countries. If there is an idea to buy a new building, then the company’s employees will organize an excursion to examine the object in more detail. All consulting information services are free of charge. Various real estate benefits in Spain will also be provided free of charge.

Example (Consider a house of 815 thousand euros):

  1. The total area is 162 m2.
  2. Plot – 446 m2.
  3. Bedrooms –
  4. Bathrooms –
  5. Swimming pool.
  6. Fitness room.
  7. Underground garage.

The object is located on the first line next to the sea, 5 minutes walk to the beach. It offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea and mountains. There is everything you need for a comfortable life and sports. In this city, people breathe unique air, which consists of sea ozone, the freshness of mountain peaks and coniferous forests.

Investment climate

The country’s economy grew to Covid-19 by an average of about 3% per year. The demand for real estate in Benidorm declined sharply during the epidemic. The contraction of the overall economy reached 10.9%, which was a big shock for the country. The threat of recession in Europe and default in the United States remains, so investing in real estate will be a priority topic in the next 2-3 years.

In 2022 and 2023, GDP growth is more than 5% per year, crisis phenomena are still observed in the countries of the European Union and the United States: rising gas and electricity prices, and inflation. Experts say that Spain has a strong economy, but many users see negative trends and invest assets in real estate. Penthouses and duplexes with sea views are in high demand. Luxury villas with gardens and swimming pools are also quickly acquired, high prices do not frighten.

This year, this trend will continue.

The closer the house is located to the sea, the more reliable the investment will be. Prices for such real estate will rise, the level of liquidity will always be high. The most expensive real estate in Catalonia in Benidorm prices are much lower, there are always interesting offers.


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Spain-Real.Estate is ready to help you choose profitable options for houses for foreign citizens. There is a large information base. Visit the electronic catalog, and select options. Leave a request on the website, and ask questions to a specialist. The aggregator selects the right offers for the specified parameters.


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