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Smart cars could be making their way onto the roads of Massachusetts by 2022. The state has created a bill that will allow for these self-driving vehicles to park, drop off passengers and drive within designated areas.

“e-z pass pay by plate” is a website that allows users to pay for their tolls with an EZ Pass. The website also provides a login guide for the site.


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This is a or EZ pass ma article. In this post, we’ll go over all of the important details of PayByPlate or E-ZPass, as well as how to use it on Basic information, features, EZ pass MA information, and payment alternatives are all available.

By the Conclusion of this post, you should be able to log in to without any problems, and you should be able to solve any technical issues with Paybyplatema.

What is the difference between PayByPlate and E-ZPass – Online?

Pay by plate ma is a parking technology that facilitates electronic toll collecting for consumers. This is accomplished via the use of video pictures of car license plates. This only applies to toll highways in Massachusetts. Pay by plate ma makes life easier because if you travel without your Pay by plate ma account, paybyplatema online will alert you on your mail-address paybyplayema invoice.

The Paybyplayema technology allows people to travel without having to worry about toll booths or bulk toll payment.

Riders may now relax and enjoy their journey with the help of Massachusetts’ electronic tolling system is available online at Travelers may quickly pay their tolls and fines using PayByPlate or E-ZPass.

What is Pay by Plate MA and how does it work?

Toll payment is made easier with the Pay by Plate Ma online system. It reads the license plates on the cars and identifies them. The pay by platema system will then send a pay by platema bill to the owner of the car who has a registered buyer’s postal address.

The pay online bill pay service simplifies the process of paying bills online.

So, unlike the days when people had to pay a mass toll while waiting in line, this is a better method.

You may get more information about these invoices from official carters like EzDrive-MA customer support.

About EZ Pass Massachusetts

The EZ pass MA transponders are provided for free. It also offers reduced tolls. The transponders for this system are mounted to the windshield when you pay with it. In most cases, it’s hidden behind the rearview mirror. A device that would be able to read toll-station transponders and the EZ Pass MA account consequently would change.

  • Toll payment method is easily accessible.
  • Residents of Massachusetts will benefit greatly from this.
  • Toll transactions are posted using photos or videos of the vehicle’s license plate. Then it would verify payment using platema.

What is the procedure for logging into

Please follow the instructions in the exact sequence, since they are only beneficial if they are done correctly.

  • Now, as seen in the figure above, click the Pay By Plate MA Log In button.
  • After you access the Log In link as seen above, you may also click the Pay By MA option.
  • Now enter the needed information, such as Invoice-Number, Vehicle-Number, and State information.
  • After you’ve entered all of your information, click Log In.

www.paybyplatema may be used to learn more about www.paybyplatema, as well as the photos and video collection of car license plates.

The system is for travelers who reside outside of Massachusetts as well as those who travel inside the state.

For pay online, you must attach your credit card or debit card, bank account number, and bank routing.

If you don’t have a payment form, it’s best not to open or use pay.

If you are a senior citizen over the age of 65, you have the option to pay your bill using the payment method if you do not understand or do not wish to utilize the payment method. It would be simpler if you send the letter to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – EZ Drive MA PaymentProcessing Center utilizing US Mail services.

Details of Bill Payment Address

If you don’t want to use to pay your account online, you may write a letter to the address provided. is the official website.

Customer assistance may be reached at

(Don’t want to send cash) EZ DRIVE MA Payment Processing Center

Boston, MA 02284-7840, P.O. Box 847840


In order to send mail manually,

Customer Service Center for EZ DRIVE MA

Auburn, MA – 01501 8007 P.O.Box 8007

If you have any issues with paybyplatema or any other technical paybyplatema issue, you will be sent to the customer care center.

Customer Service Center for EZ DRIVE MA, 27, Midstate Drive, Auburn, MA – 01501 1800

508-786-5222; Fax: 508-786-5222

More Login Instructions

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As a result, the official website may be utilized in conjunction with EZDrive by residents of Massachusetts and visitors to the state. Use the comments section to let us know if we missed anything. If you like our Pay By Plate MA post, please leave a comment.


What is an EZ PASS MA ACCOUNT, exactly?

It’s an account for E-Z pass MA services that you may create. You will get a free transponder when you establish an E-Z account, and you will be able to travel on MA Roads at reduced rates.

What is the procedure for scheduling an appointment with the EZ DRIVE Customer Service Center?

To schedule an appointment for completing a transaction, go to

Is it true that all out-of-state transponders issued by out-of-states are accepted by EZ?

Yes, transponders issued by EZ toll agencies from other states are accepted by EZDRIVEMA.

The “ez pass ma login” is a service that allows users to pay for their parking tickets online. This website is available in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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