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When we test all kind of software, downloading methods, file sharing applications and, in particular, Usenet providers and VPNs, you should use good equipment to be sure you really get the maximum out of your connection.

This is why, since May 2015, we test all services on a very strong system:

2015-05-14 20.03.49
Ladies and gentleman, we proudly present: The Aspire V 15 Nitro – Black Edition, at your service.

This beautiful machine is equiped with a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and, of course, a fast SSD flash drive. With this equipment, we can max the hell out of every piece of software we come accross, and also max out our Internet connection.

Oh… did we say “Internet connection”?


With an Internet connection so fast even the speed check comes to its limit (actually, we reach over 150 Mbps in some tests), you can be sure we always get the best speeds for downloading, and can safely say if something is fast or slow… at least on our end.

Keep in mind that we’re based in Germany, Europe, and thus you might experience different results in your area.

For VPN speed tests, we also like to use one of the fastest Usenet services around, along with the supplied newsreader, Newshosting. With over 60 simultaneous connections, almost any connection will reach its maximum speed, and thus this test is more reliable than traditional speed checks (click here for more information about how we test VPN services).

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