How to Recall Email in Outlook (Preventing that Oh Crap Moment)


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There is a lot of confusion around how to properly do email recall. The problem with most “recall” features are that they actually re-send the same emails, and not just ones in your inbox. Outlook has no way to undo this, so if you send an email without checking it first and realize you need another chance at it, there’s nothing you can do but delete the original message (which means all your work).

The “how to stop recall email in outlook 365” is a question that has been asked before. Microsoft has released a solution for the issue, which can be found at

How to Recall Email in Outlook (Preventing that Oh Crap Moment)

Have you ever sent someone an email by mistake? It might be nerve-wracking, particularly if you’ve made an expensive error. Is there a way to get that email back? Yes, the Email Recall tool in Outlook can help you get out of that “Oh Crap” situation.

You’ll learn how to recall an email in this video, as well as the parameters that must be met for the recall to be effective. Ready?

Let’s get started!


Step-by-step directions are included in this lesson. To follow along, make sure you have the following requirements:

Using Outlook to Recall Email

Imagine sending a profane email to a public folder or inbox by accident—how unpleasant would that be? Following the instructions below, you may still retrieve it using Outlook’s email recall function.

To begin, open Outlook.

2. Go to your Sent Items folder, find and open an email you’d want to remember. Because it was sent to a Microsoft Exchange account, the top email in the screenshot below is suitable for a recall.

Getting to the Sent Items FolderGetting to the Sent Items Folder

3. Next, choose the Message tab. Then, under the toolbar’s Move section, click the additional move actions button and choose Recall this Message.

Getting to the Recall Message MenuGetting to the Recall Message Menu

4. Click OK after selecting an option to apply to this recalled email message, as indicated below.

  • Delete any unread copies of this message — This option removes the chosen email from the recipient’s inbox altogether.
  • Delete unread copies and replace with a new message — This option brings up the message composer box, where you may create a new message to replace the old one. The chosen email is erased from the recipient’s inbox and replaced with the new one when you send the new message.
  • Tell me whether each recipient’s recall is successful or unsuccessful – This option sends you an email informing you of the outcome of the recall procedure.

Options for Email RecallOptions for Email Recall

Verifying the Email Recall’s Success

Of course, you’ll want to know whether the email was successfully recalled! You will get the outcome in your Inbox folder, as shown below, if you chose the option, Tell me whether recall works or fails for each recipient.

When the receiver is not logged in to Outlook or works offline while in Cached Exchange Mode, the result notification is delayed.

Results of Email RecallResults of Email Recall

Factors that Contribute to Email Recall Failure

It’s possible that an email recall won’t work 100% of the time. Why? The email recall’s success or failure is determined on the recipient’s Outlook settings. When an email recall fails, the recipient’s inbox contains both the original and the recall message.

When remembering an Outlook email, several aspects come into play, including the email’s read status, whether it was delivered to a private or public folder, and more. Let’s take a look at these elements one by one.

The Recipient is already aware of the situation. Examine the Email

The recall of an email sent to a mailbox will fail if the email has already been marked as read in the recipient’s inbox. Even if the receiver marked the email as unread, the recall fails.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to retrieve an email that was sent to a public folder. Why? Because a public folder may be accessed by several people, it’s likely that someone who has access to the folder has already marked the email as read.

The option to “Automatically handle meeting requests and poll replies” is disabled.

The function Automatically handle requests and replies to meeting requests and polls accepts meetings and polls automatically, keeping them from appearing in your inbox. However, this feature is one component that has an impact on the email recall procedure.

When you try to recall an email from a recipient’s inbox when the Automatically process requests and replies to meeting requests and polls functionality is turned off on the recipient’s end, a recall notice appears, as seen below.

Message (Original and Recall)Message (Original and Recall)

You’re lucky if the recipient first opens the recall message, the recall will be successful. But if the recipient is curious enough to open the original message first, the recall will fail. When the recall fails, you’ll receive an email saying that the recall failed, then both the Message (Original and Recall)s will remain in the recipient’s inbox.

The Original Email Is No Longer In The Inbox Of The Recipient

You can’t recall an email unless the recall message is in the same folder as the original email, whether by rule or because the receiver moved it manually.

Azure Information Protection is used to protect the email (AIP)

The email recall will fail if the email was sent using Azure Information Protection (AIP). AIP is a cloud-based technology that classifies data or content with sensitivity labels.

A nasty encrypted email that you planned to send to a coworker but wound up in your boss’s inbox is an example of an AIP-protected email. Regrettably, there is no way to retrieve the email. Look into Outlook’s Delay Delivery function if you’re the sort of person who sends emails too quickly.

How to Encrypt Email in Outlook with Office 365 (Related)

You’d usually use if you don’t have an Outlook client installed on your PC. Because these are web-based email services, email recall is not accessible for customers with email addresses ending in,,, or

When you send an email using a web-based email service, it has already left your server and is no longer under your control. While email recall is not accessible in, you may use the Undo send option to temporarily postpone sending an email.

1. Log in to using your preferred web browser.

2. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page to access Outlook settings, as shown below. Then, at the bottom, click View all Outlook settings.

Getting Access to All Outlook OptionsGetting Access to All Outlook Options

3. Go to the Mail area, choose Compose and Reply, and then scroll down to Undo Send. Adjust the slider to determine how long Outlook will postpone sending your email, as shown below. The maximum time it takes for an email to be delivered is 10 seconds.

Using the Undo Send featureUsing the Undo Send feature

4. Finally, send an email to anybody, and in the lower-left corner of the page, you’ll find the Undo option, as seen below. To cancel the email and avoid a potentially expensive error, click the Undo option.

Email Sending CancelledEmail Sending Cancelled


Despite its limitations, Outlook email recall is a fantastic tool! Recalling emails is simple and fast under the correct situations, which is fantastic and lifesaving. Would you depend on the email recall the next time you send an email to someone you shouldn’t have?

The “you tried to recall this message outlook meaning” is a common problem that many people have. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using the “Recall Email in Outlook” option. This will allow you to not only recall your email but also delete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not recall an email in Outlook?

A: It is not possible to recall emails in Outlook.

How do I recall an email in Outlook after 10 minutes?

A: The easiest way to recall an email in Outlook is by using the shift key on your keyboard. It will bring up a window that allows you to Recall or remove emails from your inbox for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours after sending them.

How do I recall an email in Outlook after 1 hour?

A: It is possible to undo an email that you sent out within the hour by using the Undo Send option. This can be done with any email client, but its easiest in Outlook.

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