How to Install, Set Up and Troubleshoot Citrix Workspace on Your Mac


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Citrix Workspace is a desktop virtualization software designed to provide secure access for users working with multiple operating systems on any number of devices. It helps you connect your physical computer, smartphone or tablet directly into the network and provides seamless integration across all hardware platforms. This article will help you install Citrix Workspace as well as troubleshoot issues that might occur when setting up and using this software on your Mac

How to Install, Set Up and Troubleshoot Citrix Workspace on Your Mac

The “citrix workspace mac keyboard shortcuts” is a guide to help you install, set up and troubleshoot Citrix Workspace on your Mac.

If you have a Citrix environment, you’ll require the Citrix Workspace app, formerly known as Citrix Receiver. You’ll need to know how to set up Citrix Workspace for Mac if you have Macs in your office.

In this article, you’ll learn how to download, install, and configure Citrix Workspace on a Mac to provide macOS users the Citrix experience.

Let’s get started.


  • macOS v10.15 and above — Installing Citrix Workspace on macOS Big Sur is shown in this tutorial.
  • To connect to a Citrix application — This session will take place at https://storefront.homelab.local in a Citrix environment.
  • A Citrix user account — For this tutorial, a user account with the username user01 will be used.

Citrix Workspace for Mac Download and Installation

You must install Citrix Workspace for Mac on your Mac in order to utilize it. Let’s start with the download and installation of this Citrix client.

Citrix Workspace for Mac v2104 will be installed in this tutorial. If you’re installing a later version, the processes may be somewhat different.

On a Mac, do the following:

1. Go to the Citrix Workspace app download page in your preferred browser and download the Citrix Workspace software to your MacBook.

Download the Citrix Workspace appDownload the Citrix Workspace app

2. Open the downloaded CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg file. macOS will mount and open the DMG for you.

3. Double-click Install Citrix Workspace.pkg to start the installation, accepting the default installation directory and enabling the program to execute. These instructions should take you all the way to the installer’s Add Account section.

The Citrix Workspace installation file is shown.The Citrix Workspace installation file is shown.

4. If your company has allowed email address discovery on your Citrix site, choose the Add account button when you come to the Add Account page. To complete the installation in this tutorial, click Continue without ticking the checkbox.

If necessary, you may configure this account in Citrix Workspace for Mac later.

Create a workspace using an email address or a server address.Create a workspace using an email address or a server address.

Using a Browser to Access Citrix Applications

You have two options for accessing your company’s Citrix resources now that you have the Citrix Workspace app installed. You may begin by entering the URL of your apps in your browser or by using the Workspace app directly.

Let’s start by showing how to use the browser to access Citrix apps.

1. Open your preferred browser and go to the Citrix access URL for your firm. The URL https://storefront.homelab.local/ will be used in this tutorial. The browser will show a button when you view the URL that will allow it to identify the Citrix Receiver (previous name for Citrix Workspace) installed on your PC.

To begin the discovery process, choose Detect Receiver.

Option to detect Citrix ReceiverOption to detect Citrix Receiver

2. If the browser detects the Citrix Workspace app, choose Allow to start the Citrix Workspace Launcher application.

Start the Citrix Workspace Launcher. Start the Citrix Workspace Launcher.

If the Workspace app isn’t detected by your browser, click the Already installed link, as shown below.

Displaying Citrix Receiver "Already Installed" optionCitrix Receiver “Already Installed” option is shown.

3. Once the browser has detected the client, enter your username and password and click the Log On button to connect.

Credentials are required.Credentials are required.

If authentication was successful, you should now be able to view all of the programs and desktops that your company has given to you. The user has access to four programs in this lesson, as illustrated below.

After logging in, apps are shown.After logging in, apps are shown.

You’ll get the typical confirmation below if you haven’t permitted the Citrix Workspace Launcher to always run.

Start the Citrix Workspace Launcher.Start the Citrix Workspace Launcher.

The Citrix Viewer program appears on your dock when macOS launches the Citrix Workspace app. The application should start shortly after that.

Citrix Viewer is being displayed.Citrix Viewer is being displayed.

Follow the procedures in this article if you get an error saying “You have not opted to trust the CA.”

Using the Citrix Workspace App to access Citrix Apps

You may also use the Citrix Workspace app to directly access Citrix apps. You may store credentials in the Workspace app by using it. The program saves your credentials and displays your Citrix apps on your launchpad, preventing you from being requested for your login and password (configured by Citrix team).

1. Launch the Citrix Workspace app.

In Launchpad, look for the Workspace app.In Launchpad, look for the Workspace app.

2. Type in the Citrix environment’s URL and click Add. The Workspace app will make an attempt to connect to the URL/email address you entered.

Using the Workspace app to access a Citrix URLUsing the Workspace app to access a Citrix URL

3. Provide your login and password after the client has established a connection. You may choose to remember your credentials and login automatically the next time you open the workspace app by checking the Remember my password button. You will be logged in after clicking the Log On button.

Login to Citrix URL using your credentials. Login to Citrix URL using your credentials.

Workspace app login and display of Apps and Desktops tabsWorkspace app login and display of Apps and Desktops tabs

4. Select an application or two from the Apps menu. You’ll see that you may open the applications in the same way you did when you started with the browser.

Citrix apps are shown.Citrix apps are shown.

5. Select the Desktops option. You’ll notice any provisioned Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) instances that have been allocated to you here. If you have a VDI instance given to you, just click on it and it will appear as seen below.

Citrix Desktop ViewingCitrix Desktop Viewing

The Citrix Workspace for Mac is being upgraded.

Assume you’ve been using Citrix Workspace on your Mac for some time. Citrix publishes new versions on a regular basis, and it’s critical to keep updated.

Open the Citrix Workspace preferences page by pressing Cmd-, to guarantee you obtain the most recent updates. As indicated below, go to the Advanced section. Make sure Yes, inform me is selected.

Option to be notified of updatesOption to be notified of updates

If enabled, Citrix Workspace will scan for new versions in the background and inform you if one is found. When prompted, click the Download option to get the updated version and follow the on-screen instructions. All done!

When you update Citrix Workspace, the existing version is removed and the new version is installed, keeping all of your prior settings.

Citrix Workspace for Mac UpgradeCitrix Workspace for Mac Upgrade

Citrix Workspace for Mac Uninstall

It’s time to delete the Citrix Workspace App if you’re ready to do so. To do so, make sure you have the original DMG file on hand. If you don’t already have it, go to the Citrix Downloads website and get it.

Open the DMG file and execute the Uninstall Citrix software from it, as indicated below. That’s it!

The option to uninstall Citrix Workspace is shown.The option to uninstall Citrix Workspace is shown.


You should now have a working Citrix Workspace for Mac! Now, how do you intend to access your Citrix applications: via a browser or using the Workspace app?

The “citrix workspace app 2109 for mac” is a tool that allows users to install, set up and troubleshoot Citrix Workspace on their Mac.

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