How to Create Chocolatey Package


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This article will cover how to create a Chocolatey Package. This is an open source software package manager for Windows and is the favorite of many IT professionals who are looking to simplify their system administration tasks.

The “create chocolatey package from msi” is a tutorial on how to create a Chocolatey package. The tutorial includes steps on how to create the package, and also includes information about using Chocolatey for Windows.

How to Create Chocolatey Package

Learn how to make a Chocolatey package in this blog article (a popular Windows packaging manager).

As automation becomes more of a need than a nicety, we IT pros must explore for better methods to do tedious jobs, one of which is software installation. It would behoove you to come up with a better solution than downloading an MSI, double-clicking on it, and running through the wizard.

Almost any program offers command-line options for quiet installation, and with some investigation, you could find the perfect ones. The following is a possible installation:

> install.exe /q /n /e /noreboot

Will you be able to recall all of the switches? Most likely not. You could put these switches in a batch file and then forget about them, or you could do something like this:

AcmeSoftware -Name Install-Package

That is something that is readily recalled.

However, how would you get there? A NuGet repository and a NuGet package are the answers. NuGet is a classic software packaging solution that enables you to wrap up a piece of software and put it in a repository where it can be downloaded and installed whenever you want. Chocolatey is a popular open source solution that leverages NuGet to let IT managers download and install software quietly.

I’m going to presume you already have a NuGet repository set up or know where you’re going to deliver your package in this tutorial.

Let’s wrap a piece of software in a NuGet package and deploy it to one of these repositories.

Chocolatey installation

Chocolatey must be downloaded and installed since it is not installed by default on a Windows operating system. This command may be used to download and install it on a PowerShell console:

PS> iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’))

NUSPEC file creation

You must first construct an NUSPEC file before you can build a Chocolatey package. An NUSPEC file is an XML package manifest that lists the contents of the package. This NUSPEC file must follow a certain format. Here’s an example NUSPEC file that just contains the necessary elements:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <package xmlns=””> <metadata> <id>MySpecialSoftware</id> <version>1.0</version> <description>Some software I’m packaging up.</description> <authors>Adam Bertram</authors> </metadata> </package>

Refer to the NUSPEC guide for a comprehensive list of all the tags that may be used.

How to Make a Chocolatey Gift

Create the package after that. The Install-ChocolateyInstallPackage command is used to do this. Assume the program we’re packaging is an EXE, and the switches to quietly install it are /s. We must tell the command the file location as well as the quiet switches to utilize.

PS> Install-ChocolateyPackage -PackageName ‘AcmeSoftware’ -FileType ‘exe’ -File ‘C:install.exe’ -SilentArgs ‘/s’

The package will be created using this command. We’ll then use the choco exe to pack the package.

After the program has been packed, it is now in a format that can be published to any Chocolatey repository.


You may repeat this approach for any piece of software you want to deploy using Chocolatey. As you can see, there are just a few more stages to do before the program is “Chocolatey-ready.” You may now focus on other important duties rather than working out how to distribute software to a large number of devices at once.

If you’d like a deep dive more after you learned How to Make a Chocolatey Gifts, be sure to check out the Chocolatey docs.

How-to-Create-Chocolatey-PackageLearning How to Make a Chocolatey Gift

The “chocolatey package download” is a tool that allows users to create packages for their software. It can be used by developers and administrators to automate the installation of software on their computers.

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