How to Convert a (Batch File) BAT to EXE [Step


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The batch file is the most common executable format for Windows. It stands for “batch program”. These files are created and run from a command line prompt window, which means that they cannot be saved as an EXE or DLL file.

The “bat to exe converter” is a program that converts batch files into executables. It does this by adding the .exe extension onto the end of the file name.

How to Convert a (Batch File) BAT to EXE [Step

Do you want to combine all of your old batch scripts into one package? Convert your.bat files to.exe files. Converting.bat scripts to.exe files also makes your script code more safe since it isn’t accessible to the naked eye.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use built-in and third-party tools to convert batch files to executables.

Let’s get this party started!

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Using IExpress to convert a BAT file to an EXE

IExpress is a program that comes with your Windows operating system that allows you to generate standalone executables from any script file. But first, let’s make a simple batch script to show how IExpress converts a bat script file.

1. Open your preferred text editor, put the code below into it, and save it as HelloWorld.bat.

The following code displays the words Hello world, ATA. A remark may be added to a batch script file using the double colons (::).

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@ECHO OFF:: Stops the script from outputting instructions as they are run. Sends a message to the terminal. ECHO Greetings, ATA.:: Before proceeding with the remainder of the script, it waits for a user input. PAUSE

2. Next, go to the Start menu and type in iexpress. You’ll need admin access to generate a system-level executable, so right-click on iexpress.exe and select Run as administrator.

IExpress Searching and Launching IExpress Searching and Launching

3. On the IExpress home page, choose Create New Self Extraction Directive (SED) and then Next.

A SED tells Windows to extract a cabinet file or executable (.DLL or.EXE file) and write it to the disk without the need for human interaction.

SED File Creation SED File Creation

4. On the Package Purpose page, choose the Extract files and perform an installation command option. When you launch the EXE file, Windows will extract the contents and perform the command contained inside the EXE file.

Package Purpose Selection Package Purpose Selection

5. Select a chosen bundle title and click the Next button. HelloWorld is the package name in this case. All prompts the user will encounter throughout the installation or execution of the EXE file will include the package title.

The Package's Name The Package’s Name

6. On both the Confirmation prompt and the License agreement screens, keep the settings and click Next. These settings have no bearing on the installation.

When you enable a confirmation prompt, Windows prompts the user to decide whether or not to proceed with the EXE installation. When a licensing agreement is put up, the user is asked if they want to accept it or not when they launch the EXE file.

Prompt for Confirmation Prompt for Confirmation

Establishing a License AgreementEstablishing a License Agreement

7. On the Packaged files screen, click the Add button to choose the file you want to convert, then click Next.

Converting a batch file to an executable Converting a batch file to an executable

8. In the Install Program area, type the command below. The /c option instructs cmd to execute the batch file and then exit.

Adding a Custom Command to Extract Files Without Having to Install Adding a Custom Command to Extract Files Without Having to Install

9. Continue with the default settings until you reach the Package Name and Options screen.

10. Next, pick a destination directory using the Browse option, name the EXE file anything you like, and click Next. HelloWorld.exe is the name of the EXE file in this example.

The EXE File's Name The EXE File’s Name

11. Continue with the default settings until you reach the Create package page.

12. Create the EXE file by clicking the Next button on the Create package screen.

Making an EXE file Making an EXE file

13. Finally, go to the location you chose in step 10 and launch the EXE file (HelloWorld.exe) to test it.

The EXE program (HelloWorld.exe) established a terminal session and printed the Hello world, ATA text as seen below.

EXE File Execution EXE File Execution

Bat To Exe Converter converts BAT scripts to EXE.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of using IExpress, a popular third-party program that converts.bat files to.exe files is more effective and convenient. Bat To Exe Converter is a free yet useful program that transforms one or more.bat files in a few simple stages.

1. Open your preferred web browser and download Bat To Exe Converter.

2. Next, open the Bat To Exe Converter and go to the batch file you wish to convert using the Open toolbar button in the window’s top-left corner (HelloWorld.bat).

Converting a Batch File to an EXE File Converting a Batch File to an EXE File

3. Click Convert to provide the EXE file a name and a destination location, then Save to convert your batch file to an EXE file.

Batch File to EXE ConversionBatch File to EXE Conversion

4. Finally, test the EXE file by running it.

Using the Advanced BAT to EXE Converter to convert BAT scripts to EXE

The Advanced BAT to EXE Converter is the greatest all-around BAT converter, and it’s completely free! Batch scripts may be converted to EXE, MSI, DLL, and VBS files with this program.

1. Download and install Advanced BAT to EXE Converter.

2. Next, open Advanced BAT to EXE Converter and choose the script file to convert to EXE from the File menu.

Getting into the file menu Getting into the file menu

3. Now, on the top left, click the Build EXE button. To construct the EXE file depending on the options you specified, click the Build EXE button in the Select EXE Options box, as shown below.

Perhaps you wish to include dependencies in the EXE file. If so, go to the Select EXE Options window’s Embed Files tab and add files to embed.

Batch Files to EXE Conversion Batch Files to EXE Conversion

Set a target directory and give your EXE file a name now. To begin converting your batch file to EXE, click Save. At the bottom of the window, you can check the conversion process.

ConvertSelecting an EXE File Save Locationing batch file Selecting an EXE File Save Location

At the bottom of the window, you can check the conversion process.

batch file conversionbatch file conversion

Finally, test the EXE file by running it.


You’ve learned how to convert a batch script to an EXE file in this tutorial. You’ve learned how to use built-in and third-party tools to convert a batch script to an EXE file.

Now, which of the tools would you use to develop your project and transform your scripts into executables? Adding numerous dependencies (script files) to your executable file could be a good idea.

The “iexpress bat to exe” is a tool that can convert batch files into executable files. The process is simple, but the command line syntax may be confusing to some.

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