How to Change Microsoft Teams Backgrounds [Including Video]


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Microsoft Teams is a chat, collaboration and communication app for teams of all sizes. It has become the standard platform for companies to bring together their team members to improve productivity. Teams was designed with customization in mind, allowing users to change the background image or video on each channel at will.,

Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform that Microsoft has released for their employees. It’s also available for the public to use. The “how to change background in teams” is a video tutorial that shows you how to change your background on Microsoft Teams.

How to Change Microsoft Teams Backgrounds [Including Video]

You can change the wallpaper in Teams if you’re bored of your dull, old home background. Many current video conferencing software, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom, have incorporated virtual backdrops, often known as background effects, background filters, or video filters.

Virtual backdrops intelligently distinguish the foreground topic (you) from the background (your home area, business cubicle, etc.) and enable you to alter the background to almost anything else. It’s as if you had your own green screen studio inside your PC!

You’ll discover how to alter the backdrop in Microsoft Teams before and during a meeting in this post. You’ll also master advanced techniques like creating custom backgrounds in bulk and utilizing video files as backdrops.


Before you attempt to alter the background in Teams, make sure you know what devices and operating systems are supported and if your device is one of them. The Microsoft Teams version was used to write this article (64-bit).

There are extra requirements for backdrop effects in addition to the normal hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams. Separating the foreground from the background needs a significant amount of computer power, which not all devices have.

Operating Systems Supported

  • With an AVX2 competent CPU, Windows 10 or any other compatible Windows OS will work.
  • macOS
  • On an iPhone 7, iPad 2018 (6th generation), or iPod Touch 2019 (7th generation) or later device, iOS 12 or later is required.


  • In a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, background effects are not accessible.
  • Although Android is not presently supported, a member of the Microsoft Teams product team indicated in a forum post on Microsoft’s UserVoice site that background blur compatibility is on the way.
  • On the iOS operating system, just the blur effect is accessible.

Even if your device satisfies the aforementioned specifications, you may notice a drop in performance when utilizing background effects on older devices or while using other resource-intensive programs with Teams. If this happens, teams will get a warning message.

Microsoft Teams on Windows 10: How to Remove It (For IT Pros)

Before a meeting, change your team’s backgrounds.

Teams will ask you to pick your audio and video options before putting you in the meeting, making it easy to start or join a meeting. This provides a fantastic chance to choose the ideal backdrop.

The Simple Way to Attend Team Meetings

With that warning out of the way, continue on to discover all there is to know about Microsoft Teams’ virtual backdrops. The methods below are for a Windows 10 computer.

  1. If it isn’t already open, launch Microsoft Teams.

2. There are a few options for joining or starting a video conference. Join an existing meeting from the Calendar view, or establish a private meeting by clicking the Meet Now button.

Microsoft Teams allows you to start a private meeting or join an existing one from the Calendar.Microsoft Teams allows you to start a private meeting or join an existing one from the Calendar.

3. To initiate a one-on-one video conference, click the Video call icon inside an individual conversation.

From an existing conversation, start a Microsoft Teams meeting.From an existing conversation, start a Microsoft Teams meeting.

4. Switch the camera to the On position to start the movie.

Don’t worry, Teams won’t display your video to any meeting attendees until you pick Join Now and are put in the meeting.

Turning on the CameraTurning on the Camera

5. To access the background settings menu, click the Background filters text.

Accessing the Background filters menu.Accessing the Background filters menu.

6. Choose Blur or a built-in picture to blur your real-life backdrop.

In a Microsoft Teams meeting, blurring the video backdrop.In a Microsoft Teams meeting, blurring the video backdrop.

7. Select Add new and choose a picture from your computer to use as a custom image.

In Microsoft Teams, create a new video backdrop. In Microsoft Teams, create a new video backdrop.

In Windows 10, find a new backdrop to utilize as a video background.In Windows 10, find a new backdrop to utilize as a video background.

JPG, PNG, and BMP are the custom image formats that are supported. If you’re in a corporate setting and don’t see the Add new button, it’s possible that your IT administrator has disabled it.

8. To join the meeting, click Join Now.

Virtual backdrops are created using software and are not flawless. Parts of your true background may appear on occasion. Always check your actual backdrop for important information or undesired things and delete or cover them from your camera’s range of vision.

During a meeting, update your team’s background.

If you’ve already attended a meeting and want to change your Teams backdrop, you’ll have to take a few more steps to get to the background settings option.

Open the More Actions menu in the meeting controls bar by clicking the… (ellipses) and then the Apply background effects menu choice.

For an existing meeting, choose More Options from the menu.For an existing meeting, choose More Options from the menu.

In a meeting, you may choose to use backdrop effects.In a meeting, you may choose to use backdrop effects.

To alter the video backdrop picture or setting, choose Apply. If your video is presently off or you are utilizing the preview option, the Apply button will read Apply and switch on video, as illustrated below.

If you have your video turned on, using the preview tool in the meeting will turn it off. While utilizing the preview option, meeting attendees will not see your video or any changes to your backdrop.

Using the Preview option to see the blur video effect.Using the Preview option to see the blur video effect.

At the same time, add many custom background images

There is a lot faster and simpler way to upload many custom backdrop photos at once than using the Add new option in Microsoft Teams.

All custom backdrop pictures in Microsoft Teams are saved in a dedicated folder in your user profile. Custom photos may be added straight to this folder because of the design. Teams will detect the photos the next time you run it and make them accessible for usage in the backdrop settings menu.

To At the same time, add many custom background images:

  1. Within Windows Explorer, go to the percent AppData percent MicrosoftTeamsBackgroundsUploads folder.

Within macOS, the uploads folder is found in the /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads folder.

2. Upload your personalized backdrop photos by copying or moving them into the Uploads folder.

Adding all of the backgrounds from the IKEA Backgrounds website to the Uploads folder in bulk.Adding all of the backgrounds from the IKEA Backgrounds website to the Uploads folder in bulk.

3. Open the Microsoft Teams application. If Teams is already open, you’ll have to close it and restart it before it recognizes the new photos.

Team quitting is not the same as team closure. Right-click the Teams icon in the notification area and choose Quit to exit Teams on Windows.

Custom backdrop photos may now be found under Teams’ Background settings menu, as illustrated below.

In Microsoft Teams, you may see unique video backdrops.In Microsoft Teams, you may see unique video backdrops.

How to Create a Video Background

You may be acquainted with the ability to utilize an MP4 or MOV video clip as a virtual backdrop if you’ve ever used Zoom.

While Teams does not yet enable utilizing video files as backdrops, you may create the similar effect using third-party programs. Most third-party video apps generate a virtual camera device that combines the video stream from your actual webcam with extra effects like a video backdrop.

The methods below will lead you through using XSplit VCam, a popular freemium program for Windows. This software is the best choice for most people since it doesn’t need a green screen and the free edition simply has a watermark that appears in the top right corner of the video.

You may buy a license from the XSplit website or buy a green screen and use an alternative tool like the famous open-source (free) cross-platform application Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS).

Using XSplit, alter your Teams’ backdrop to a video:

  1. From the XSplit website, download and install XSplit VCam.

2. Open the XSplit VCam application.

3. If your webcam isn’t already set as the default, pick it from the webcam drop-down menu.

Choosing the right webcam in XSplit VCamChoosing the right webcam in XSplit VCam

4. Select Media file from the Add Background menu.

Including a Media FileIncluding a Media File

5. Select any MP4 (only supported format) video file from your PC to use as your backdrop. If the video is successful, it will appear as a thumbnail in the Backgrounds section and will be set as the video backdrop automatically.

Using the chosen video backdrop.Using the chosen video backdrop.

6. Open Microsoft Teams while keeping XSplit VCam open.

7. In a Teams meeting, choose the XSplit VCam option from the Camera drop-down menu by clicking the Device Settings (gear) button.

Using XSplit VCam as the camera device in Teams.Using XSplit VCam as the camera device in Teams.

Virtual Background Information

Many well-known firms have taken advantage of the virtual backdrop trend by curating and sharing their own background picture collections, which can be downloaded and used in Teams. The list below can assist you in starting your own backdrop picture collection.

Steps to Follow

You learnt the fundamentals of changing your backdrop in Microsoft Teams before and during a meeting, as well as advanced subjects like mass creating custom backgrounds and utilizing video files as backgrounds, in this article.

For additional help and training, be sure to visit the Microsoft Teams help & learning site and to read about the latest updates and upcoming features, visit the Microsoft Teams Blog site.

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that allows users to chat with others in real-time. The backgrounds for the app can be changed, and this article will show you how to do it. Reference: microsoft teams backgrounds download.

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