How To Buy Chainlink ($LINK) Online


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Whenever you see an article with a headline like “find out which amazing altcoin has surged 247% in the last year”, it’s usually about Chainlink.

What makes Chainlink unique is not so much that it pumped massively last year, altcoins pump all the time, it’s the fact that Chainlink is holding on to its value.As high as the surge has been, we still have to ask: is Chainlink a good project with solid fundamentals?

Chainlink’s value proposition is that it will be used as a payment mechanism to support a network of decentralized oracles (oracles are data sources that connect blockchains to data outside of blockchain).

How to Buy Chainlink (if you have crypto).

If you already have cryptocurrency, buying Chainlink is easy! First, download the Exodus wallet, as this will allow you to directly exchange another cryptocurrency for chainlink. After downloading Exodus, you can follow these steps.

Note: these instructions are for Exodus Desktop. If you are using Exodus Mobile, follow these instructions to learn how to exchange on mobile devices.

1. open your Exodus wallet and select the cryptocurrency you have and want to exchange by link. Exodus automatically lists dozens of today’s most popular cryptocurrencies, but if you don’t see the coin you have, you can add it to Exodus by clicking Add at the bottom of the listed cryptocurrencies.

2. once you find the coin in the Exodus wallet, you can click on receive

3. Exodus will display a cryptocurrency address where you can send your crypto. Once you send the coins, the transaction will be removed and you will have the coins in your Exodus wallet. Next, click the Exchange button – the two arrows to the right of the receive button.

4. select the cryptocurrency you have and wish to exchange for a link, and select the amount of link you wish to buy5. Click exchange and the transaction will begin. Depending on the cryptocurrency you are trading (for example, BTC is slower while XRP is faster), the exchange may take only a few minutes or longer. Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to see your newly purchased link in your Exodus wallet.

How to Buy Chainlink(if you don’t have crypto).

If you don’t already have crypto, you can use the Cash app, Coinbase or another service to Buy Bitcoin or other popular crypto, which you can then exchange for chainlink.Some services also allow you to buy Chainlink directly with government currencies such as US dollars and euros.For example, below we’ve written a quick guide on how to buy Chainlink on Coinbase, a popular central exchange service.

However, once you have purchased your Chainlink, we always recommend that you remove it from the exchange and store it in a secure wallet, such as a hardware wallet (you can use a Trezor hardware wallet with Exodus), Exodus (desktop and mobile) or your preferred wallet.This is because centralized exchanges are often hacked and are not a safe place to store cryptocurrencies long-term.How to Buy Chainlink on Coinbase.

For this article, we’ll assume you already have a Coinbase account. While Coinbase has a somewhat controversial reputation (what cryptocurrency exchange doesn’t?) they are still one of the most trusted and secure crypto onboarding platforms.

To buy Chainlink on Coinbase.

1. click on “portfolio” at the top of the Coinbase page.

2. search and click on “Chainlink”.

3. click on “buy Chainlink

4. select the amount of Chainlink you want to buy and your preferred payment method

5. click on buy

That’s it!

If you purchase with a Debit card (plus fees), you can withdraw the Chainlink from Coinbase within 30 seconds to one minute. If you use a bank account (minus fees) to purchase Chainlink, you will not be able to withdraw coins from another exchange or your Exodus wallet for up to five days.

Chainlink Price

If you want to track the price of Chainlink, the easiest way to do so is through Exodus crypto charts.

Unlike CoinMarketCap, which can seem a bit cluttered, Exodus’ charts are clean, easy to navigate and a great way to find out the latest link prices from your desktop or cell phone.

ChainLink Wallet (where to store Chainlink).

Unfortunately, hacks are common in the cryptocurrency space, with over crypto 4 billion in crypto stolen in 2019 alone. If you’re planning to buy the link, it’s important to store it securely. This is where the Exodus Chainlink Wallet comes into play. In addition to allowing you to send, receive and store links securely, the Exodus LINK Wallet has the following features:

  • Supports more than 100+ crypto assets.
  • Focuses on premium design and ease of use.It is the only wallet that supports desktop, mobile and hardware wallet integration (Trezor)
  • Allows you to exchange cryptos directly from your wallet, without creating an account!
  • Gives you the ability to sync your wallet between desktop and mobile
  • Has 24/7, prompt human support if you ever need help

We hope you found this guide to buying Chainlink helpful. Be sure to check out our other articles that expound more on this, as well as other topics.

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