How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

Adnan Mujic

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Our world nowadays is more automated than you think. In ways more than we know of. The biggest reason behind this apparent change is artificial intelligence, embedded into many systems and functions in our daily life. A simple example is that of our mobile devices. How they perceive information, logistics, and store data to better streamline their tasks, all thanks to the magnificence of AI. We are excited to highlight just how good AI can get so head on down below and read through!


Increased Productivity

There was a time when many corporate and residential processes pertaining to data logging and such took hours on end because they had to be done by paper. This included calculations, repetitive tasks, and all sorts of analysis. All this led to work becoming quite cumbersome over time when done manually, especially by one person. Now, with the advent of AI, such tasks are done in the snap of a finger thanks to the power of machine learning and data science. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to learn and get better at what it does and this is exactly what logistical companies nowadays cash in.

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Smarter Input

AI such as ChatGPT is now at the forefront of smart technological advancements. This sort of artificial intelligence gets so good that it poses a threat to humans. Think of Skynet from the Terminator franchise. The AI got so good that it deemed humans incapable of making smart decisions for themselves and decided to wipe them from the face of the Earth. Thankfully, ChatGPT hasn’t reached that sort of deadly stage and is still working positively to aid us in our tasks. Whether that be science, linguistics, or math, a smarter input via AI is a welcome addition. Provided it remains tethered in some capacity.

Solve Complex Problems

AI Sign

As all things grow, so does AI. There was a time when Artificial Intelligence was nothing more than simple algorithms that were utilized to display ads tailored to the user’s interest. Now, thanks to deep learning, AI has expanded its horizons to be able to tackle complex tasks such as fraud detection, weather forecasting, and in some uncanny cases, medical diagnosis. One can think of AI as an assistant rather than a full-blown technical, medical, or educationist personnel.

For Fintech companies, who have to process billions of deposits and transactions on a day-to-day basis, AI can help streamline their workflow and effectively lessen the burden on employees as well. Take PayPal for example. Not only has the company used AI for fraud detection by scanning billions of transactions regularly, but through scanning customer purchase history (again, with the help of AI’s prowess), they’ve been able to single out fraudulent activity way before it actually had the ability to take place.


The development of medical equipment is a tedious process that requires both effort and precision every step of the way. Often this was a lengthy process and had technicians in hot waters due to occasional human error in the manufacturing process. Now, with software such as SolidWorks and Inventor, there’s been a massive shift in the development of this equipment and it only gets better with AI embedded into such tasks. By using Deep Learning tech, equipment ranging from medical scalpels all the way to entire dialysis machines can be virtually designed by computer.

Defense Technology

As corporate sectors are making full use of AI, word of its advancements has reached the army too. Advanced robots that can maneuver, endure tense environments, and provide backup for troops are being developed with global defense applications. There is no surprise that defense forces are making full use of AI because the security of a country, especially one that is developing such algorithms, comes first.

In the future, AI can be used for robots and scanning systems like cameras to keep a sharp lookout on the public and narrow the search for suspected criminals. AI is pretty fast so police authorities can expect to get quick results if they choose to deploy it in the field. China is already doing so.

A Well Connected Lifestyle

Smart homes are a regular feature nowadays. Technology has seeped into our lives and continues to find new ways to augment our day-to-day activities. From all sorts of gizmos & gadgets to typical household appliances, everything is connected with AI. A central “hub” of communication, which can often be a Google, Amazon, or Apple device is used to offer seamless connectivity between smart devices and users can operate their homes simply with a tap, swipe, or by talking to the hub.


Artificial Intelligence is only getting better. With each passing day, new venues of innovation are opening up and we wouldn’t be surprised if AI became a mandatory feature for our lives in the near future. Big tech giants are already rooting for it to happen and it is only a matter of time before you hop aboard the bandwagon. Provided you haven’t already done so.

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