How and Why to Use the Netsh Winsock Reset Command (In 2021)


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A new round of malware is released every day, and the number of ransomware attacks on computers is growing. Malware in a computer’s browser can quickly encrypt all files with ransomware by using one tool called Netsh Winsock Reset Command. Even though it sounds scary to use this command, there are multiple reasons why you should know about it now and how to use it wisely in 2021.,

The “netsh winsock reset catalog what does it do” is a command-line tool that will allow users to reset the Winsock Catalog. The command also allows for more advanced functionality.

How and Why to Use the Netsh Winsock Reset Command (In 2021)

Do you have problems connecting to your Windows network with apps like email clients and web browsers? These problems might also be caused by a faulty network setup. The netsh winsock reset command restores critical network settings to their default values, which frequently resolves network issues!

In this post, you’ll discover how to reset the Winsock catalog, which is a database of network settings that might be affected by wrong setups and viruses. Continue reading to understand how to repair your network connection and what the mysterious Winsock phrase means.


This page will serve as a guide. Use any compatible version of Windows with local administrator access if you want to follow along step-by-step.

What exactly is Winsock?

Winsock is an application programming interface (API) that orchestrates multiple network protocols communication between programs, such as a web browser, and real network devices. It is based on the Berkeley UNIX Sockets interface.

A excellent diagram is shown below to show where the Winsock wsock32.dll library fits into the Windows networking stack.

Flowchart for WinsockFlowchart for Winsock

Winsock not only acts as an API, but it also keeps its settings in a database called the Winsock catalog. Namespace providers, which give a map between Winsock and a service such as DNS, and base service providers, which provide data on network protocols such as TCP/IP, are both included in the catalog in Windows 10.

Why is it necessary to “reset” Winsock?

The Winsock catalog may sometimes be corrupted or include inaccurate items. The Winsock catalog and related registry settings will be reset to their defaults if you run netsh winsock reset on the Windows command line. The appropriate registry settings may be found in the route below.

HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWinSock2ParametersProtocol Catalog9

After all, why would you want to execute a Winsock reset?

  • Malware or adware that exploits Winsock to obstruct the user’s connection to the internet.
  • A network device has been installed or uninstalled erroneously.
  • The Winsock catalog is corrupted due to registry or file system difficulties.

HackTool is a real-world example of Winsock malware. Win32. Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia’s Proxifier.A. Don’t worry, no malware will be downloaded!

Incorrect settings and malware were often found as Layered Service Providers (LSP) in the Winsock catalog prior to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Vista, as detailed in more detail later in the article. LSPs have been deprecated in current Windows editions, with functionality being shifted to the Windows filtering platform.

Winsock issues aren’t as common as they once were, but they still happen! Continue reading to learn how to repair network devices that were installed erroneously or Winsock catalogs that were damaged.

With netsh winsock reset, you may reset Winsock.

Netsh, a Windows command-line program, is the best way to reset Winsock. The netsh command shows and alters the network settings of the currently operating machine, as well as resetting the Winsock catalog.

Any Winsock modification should be preceded by a before and after snapshot of the altered settings, as demonstrated in the steps below.

  1. As an administrator, open a Command Prompt.

2. Before resetting the Winsock catalog, copy and execute the command below to store the Winsock catalog results to the file C:winsock-before.txt.

If you are not in the C: directory, the file will be saved to the directory where your command prompt is presently located.

netsh winsock show catalog > winsock-before.txt

Below is an example of a stored Winsock catalog. Yours will resemble this, with your network devices and entries reflected.

Winsock Catalog entry file was saved.Winsock Catalog entry file was saved.

3. Run the following command to reset the Winsock catalog.

The netsh winsock reset command is used to reset the Winsock catalog. The netsh winsock reset command is used to reset the Winsock catalog.

The Protocol Catalog9 registry item is saved to HKEY LOCAL MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWinSock2ParametersProtocol Catalog Before Reset when you run the reset command. Because these items are binary encoded, reading them in plaintext is significantly simpler.

4. Take a new snapshot of the Winsock Catalog to record the modifications you just made.

netsh winsock show catalog > winsock-after.txt

5. To complete the network reset, restart the computer.

The netsh winsock reset command does not always address network problems; in certain circumstances, the netsh int ip reset command comes in useful! Continue reading to find out when and how to use this command.

Using netsh int ip reset, you may reset TCP/IP settings.

The Winsock catalog isn’t the only network configuration that might create issues. As previously stated, malware and erroneous settings were often manifested as Winsock LSPs, which are no longer widely used owing to their deprecation in subsequent Windows versions.

TCP/IP setups are more typically the source of network problems. If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below, keep reading to discover how to reset your TCP/IP settings.

  • If DNS is set properly, there should be no problems with lookups.
  • Problems with DHCP IP address assignment; possibly ipconfig /renew isn’t functioning properly.

IP Configuration Commands You Should Know

  • Your web browser or email client may have limited or no connection.

To reset your TCP/IP settings, use the same local administrator command-prompt as before.

  1. Run the following command to view a snapshot of your current IP settings before resetting them. It’s a good idea to save a record of your previous network settings in case the reset fails.

ipconfig /all /all /all /all /all /all /all /ipconfig /all /all /all /all /all /all /all /

2. To reset your IP settings, use the following command on the command prompt.

To save the output of the reset command, redirect the output to a file using a command such as: netsh int ip reset > log.txt.

The following registry settings are overwritten when you use the netsh int ip reset command to reset the TCP/IP settings.

SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParameters SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDHCPParameters

netsh int ip reset's outputnetsh int ip reset’s output

3. Use the ipconfig /all command to double-check your network settings, such as IP addresses, default gateways, and DNS settings.

Further Reading & Next Steps

Although networking is a complex subject with numerous possible complications, there are two further sites listed below that may be of assistance.

Although not all networking difficulties can be handled with the netsh winsock reset or netsh int ip reset commands, they are fantastic places to start!

Winsock is the name of a protocol that allows for communication between TCP/IP-based applications. It’s also used to connect to remote networks and devices, such as when you’re using VPN. Reference: what is winsock.

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