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It’s not far-fetched to say our entire lives are connected to the Internet, and your digital security is more important than ever. All devices, from your desktop and phone to your Wi-Fi router and security camera, have a unique IP address. This IP or Internet Protocol address is automatically generated for each device.

It uniquely identifies that device on the network system. There are different ways to hide this address, like using a residential rotating proxy. You can learn more about this proxy, but first, we look at why it’s necessary to hide your IP address.

Why is it Necessary to Hide Your IP Address

Your IP contains information like your location and internet service provider (ISP). If your device contains personal details, like your phone, it could also be used to hack your device. In the case of other devices, like security cameras, an unprotected IP number can do more harm than good.

You expect digital security methods to protect you, but that’s not always the case. We looked at two significant occurrences of digital security methods doing more harm than good. However, there are hundreds of instances where similar situations occur.

Hacked Ring System

A famous example of a security system failing was when a family in Mississippi installed a Ring surveillance camera in the bedroom of their three daughters. This was so the parents could keep an extra eye on their young daughters, but it became a nightmare. The Ring camera was hacked without their knowledge, allowing the hacker not only to see the camera footage but also to talk to the girls.

The male hacker played music through the built-in speakers and called the young girl in the room at the time horrible racial slurs.

Three similar events occurred in Florida, Connecticut, and Georgia, with other hacked Amazon security cameras reported. Ring released a statement that none of their servers were compromised and the hacking was due to login details leaked through a third-party service unrelated to Ring. However, it remains true that the system wasn’t as failsafe as one might think.

Fooling Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has become an increasingly popular security check that high-profile areas and airports use to identify people. It’s also one of the primary ways for a person to unlock their smartphone. However, two researchers have shown that it’s not the foolproof system people once thought it was.

After several studies, the researchers have shown that using CycleGAN, an image translating algorithm, they could fool the system into identifying a person as someone else.

This technology morphs a person’s face into another, causing the face you see with the naked eye to differ from the one identified by the system. When using this technology, the system could scan your face, but a different identity is applied to you. Hackers can use this to board planes as someone else or even unlock your smartphone to gain access to personal information.

Using Proxies

To better protect yourself, hiding your IP address is crucial. Your unique IP number can help hackers access your devices, like the Ring camera hack, or even access a security system like facial recognition through a connected device. While all of these digital security systems aren’t useless, it’s clear they’re not the failsafe solution people thought it was.

One of the simplest ways to protect your IP address is by using a proxy. There are many different proxies, but the one best suited for large systems like your home or business network is a residential rotating proxy. These proxies instantly change the IP for each connection and eliminate the need to reset your proxy or set up a proxy list.

The proxy server connects to a unique residential device in any country and ensures your IP address remains concealed.

A residential rotating proxy is a more secure and trustworthy solution to hiding your identity from hackers. It can be used for a specific device or a network, making it perfect for all your needs. Proxies act as an intermediary between you and whatever you connect to online.

It sends an encrypted request and ensures you don’t make direct contact with the website or whatever else you’re accessing.

IP Rotation

When we say that a residential rotating proxy assigns a new IP address for every connection, we mean that literally. A new address is assigned if you use this proxy on your desktop and open your browser. If you open a new tab, you get a new address. You can send in over 10,000 concurrent requests to connect, and you’ll receive 10,000 different addresses.

This is excellent for your online security, anonymity, and businesses that do web scraping or site audits. You can maximize your reach and collect data from multiple websites in a single moment. Further, you can use the same address for up to 10 minutes if you use a sticky IP address.

Less is More

While digital security systems are still good to have and use, it’s not the holy grail. There are many different ways hackers access these complicated and refined systems, and often, it seems to provide a more fun challenge to the hackers.

Sometimes, less is more regarding your company or home’s security. A simple yet highly effective and trustworthy path is the way to go.

Proxies like a residential rotating proxy might seem old-school, but it’s one of the most trustworthy solutions available and when paired with other security measures can provide better overall protection.

This dependable old-timer can still knock any fancy new digital security system out of the boxing ring, hiding your IP address securely and providing a safer and better online experience.

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