How to Connect a GoPro to a TV to Watch HD Videos


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You may have some adorable birthday, anniversary, or wedding videos you'd like to watch with your family or friends. If these videos are in your GoPro camera, but you do not know how to connect a GoPro to a tv, we can help you.

This is a guide to connecting Gopro to tv to watch your videos on a larger screen. There are various ways of connecting your GoPro to a TV. These methods range from wireless to wired connections.

The best part about connecting these devices is that the process includes using equipment you already have. So, you will not have to buy extra cables or equipment for connection purposes.

Because there are various methods of connecting Gopro to TV, let us go through them one by one;

1. Using an HDMI Cable

For this method to work, you only need one requirement; ensure that your TV allows HDMI input. You also need to ensure that your GoPro model allows HDMI connections. It is among the easiest and the most common way to connect these two gadgets.

Image: Nerd Techy

It would be best to use a micro HDMI to HDMI cable adapter for easy connection. To connect the devices, here are the steps to follow;

i) Insert one end of the micro HDMI to HDMI cable adapter into the camera. Take one end of the adapter and connect it to the TV.

ii) Turn on the TV, then turn on the GoPro camera.

iii) Using the TV remote control, set the TV as HDMI input.

iv) After setting the TV ready, you can enjoy watching your videos. Also, you are free to navigate Gopro to play and other modes.

2. Using a USB Flash Drive

Did you know you can connect Gopro to a TV using a USB flash drive? Well, if you didn't, now you know. First, however, you must ensure that your TV allows USB input. But generally, most TVs allow for this feature.

Image: TheHomehacksDIY

This is among the best ways to watch 4K and other high-resolution videos on your TV. This is because using other methods makes your video quality likely compressed.

To use a USB, follow these steps;

i) Remove the microSD from the GoPro camera

ii) Insert the microSD card into its adapter, then put the microSD adapter into your computer.

iii) Mark the videos you want to watch on your TV and transfer them to your computer.

iv) Insert a USB flash drive into the computer. Then, transfer the files to the flash drive.

v) Once you've loaded your flash drive with the video files, safely eject it. Next, please remove it from the computer and insert it into the USB port on your television.

vi) Select the source button on your remote and press it. Then navigate to USB or external media.

vii) Lastly, select one of the GoPro videos you'd like to watch and enjoy.

3. Using Wireless Screen Mirroring

Sometimes dealing with it cannot be very pleasant. However, if you don't want that, you can go wireless. You can still watch your GoPro videos on the TV wirelessly. This, you can do through wireless connection via screen mirroring.

Image: TheDailyDot

You will need a phone or computer with Google or Airplay to use this method. Also, ensure that your smart TV features screen mirroring support. Below are the steps to follow while connecting the GoPro camera to your TV via wireless mirroring;

a) First, open the Gopro Quick app on your mobile device and connect it to the camera.

b) Sync the GoPro footage on your phone. Note that the function will only work if you have a GoPro 5 and later versions. If you decide to use a computer instead of your phone, you can load it with the GoPro videos using a USB.

c) Turn on the TV and keep it and the computer/phone on the same network.

d) Connect your phone or the computer to your TV using Google cast or AipPlay for Apple.

e) You can now select the Gopro video to watch. Select the GoPro video on your computer or phone and cast it to TV.

You should note that Gopro videos delivered like this may not look very good on TV. This is because video casting requires the server to be powerful enough for it t handle high-resolution video streaming.

4. Using a Composite Cable

You can use a composite cable if your TV does not have an HDMI port or your Gopro camera is an old model. You can also use an RCA cable for this task.

Image: Gumtree

RCA cables have three ports of different colors. These colors are red, yellow and white. To connect it to your TV, ensure that the colors are connected to the respective colors on the TV.

To use this cable to connect your two gadgets, follow these steps;

i) Plug the three ports of the RCA cable to ports on the TV with colors matching.

ii) Once you have connected this cable to your TV, connect the GoPro camera. Follow the steps you would when connecting it via an HDMI cable, and enjoy watching your videos.

Common Errors that Occur While Playing Gopro Videos On TV

You may encounter several problems while watching GoPro videos on TV. This section will discuss the most common problems you may encounter.

a) No Gopro Playback On TV

Videos shot with GoPro are in MP4 format. On the other hand, the video is compressed using both H264 and H265 codecs.

The H265/HEVC codec is used for most high-resolution big video material. These include 4K60 and 1080p240, as they can encode video at nearly half the file size with similar image quality.

A video cannot play or no video detected error would appear if you attempted to play an H265-encoded video on a device incompatible with the standard.

The best way to reverse this problem is by converting the GoPro HEVC videos to H254, which are compatible with all devices. You can use an efficient H254 converter to make this work.

b) Gopro Video Stutter on TV

GoPro films are famous for having stunning visuals because they are typically filmed at high bitrates. On the HERO9 Black, 4K videos may be recorded at a bitrate of 100Mbps.

The majority of TVs, however, have maximum bitrate restrictions for video playback. As a result, the video may stutter or lag during playback if the bitrate is higher than what your TV can handle. The best solution is to reduce the bitrate of your GoPro footage to an appropriate level.

c) Lack of Signal On TV

This issue frequently occurs if you connect your GoPro to the incorrect TV HDMI port because many new TVs come with numerous HDMI connections. First, verify which HDMI port you initially connected the cable to and confirm that you selected the same port on your TV's input settings.

What Can I Do To Regain Signal When Using an HDMI?

Sometimes, you may lose video signal when you connect the HDMI cable to your TV and camera. When such an issue arises, you can do a few things to reverse the situation.

Some of the things you can do to fix the signal through HDMI include the following;

a) Check the Input Channel

We all make mistakes, don't we? The first mistake you may have made is using the wrong input channels. If you don't have a video signal, double-check the port you plugged the HDMI cable into.

Once you check the HDMI cable, confirm whether or not your TV input is the same port number. Ensure you have used the correct HDMI input.

b) First, Turn Off the Camera

Sometimes the signal could be lost if you connect your camera to the HDMI before turning off the camera. So, before connecting the two devices, ensure your camera is off. You can then turn it on after making the connection.

c) Do Not Edit In-Camera Footage

If you had edited the footage on the card, there is a possibility that your camera cannot read the files. Therefore, if you want to connect GoPro to tv directly, it is only advised not to edit the files.

d) Run a Software Update

You can try to update your GoPro firmware. This action can restore proper HDMI functions like playback via HD connection.

e) Change the Cable

If none of the methods above works, change the HDMI cable and see what happens. The cable may be the issue, and changing it can bring everything right on track.

How to Pair GoPro Camera Models With Your TV

GoPro cameras come in different models, and pairing them may differ. So, we can briefly check how to pair the different models with your TV for easy connection.

a) HERO9 Black/HERO10 Black Pairing

  • Power on your camera and open the utility drawer. Do this by swiping from top to bottom of the touch display and then swiping left.
  • Select connections and then tap on the connect device. Tap the GoPro Quik app to put your camera in pairing mode.
  • Next, tap the (i) icon at the top right corner, where you'll see your wi-fi name and password.
  • Open the GoPro app and select the camera logo. After scanning, you will see a blue connect button. Tap on it to connect.
  • There is a section to change your camera's name. You can change it or leave it as is. Once the name is set, Gopro Quik will show a live preview of your camera, and that's it.

b) HERO6 Black Pairing Process

  • First, open the Gopro Quik and tap on the icon in the top left corner. Tap on add a camera or camera, depending on whether you are using iOS or Android.
  • Next, power on your camera and open the utility drawer. Under connections, click on connect new device. Tap on Gopro Quik, where you'll see your camera name and password.
  • Go to GoPro Quik again and tap pair to connect via Bluetooth. Tap on join to connect to the wi-fi.
  • With iOS11, you don't have to enter your camera's wi-fi.

HERO (2018) Pairing Process

  • Power on your camera and open the utility drawer, then select connect. Check under connected devices and select connect new device.
  • Tap Gopro Quik and select the camera logo, then select connect. Set your camera's name, and you're all good.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Connect Gopro to TV

1. Does GoPro have HDMI output?

HDMI output is not available on GoPro cameras. Instead, certain GoPro versions have a mini HDMI output for watching media.

2. What HDMI does Gopro use?

GoPro cameras use micro HDMI cables. Like USB cables, there are different types of HDMI connectors and cables. Most Gopo cameras use a micro-HDMI connector, also known as a Type D HDMI connector.

3. What is a clean HDMI output?

A clean HDMI output is an HDMI video without burn-in data taking over your screen. The output is said to be clean as it does not have the UI elements appearing on your screen as you watch GoPro videos.

Image: YouTube

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