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Anilinkz is the most popular free anime streaming website on the web; it offers you the truth of high quality videos. Millions of people love Anilinkz because it offers better interface and user experience for users for free. Here I am going to share with you a list of around 20 best Anilinkz alternatives for watching free anime online.

Related Post:Best VPN for TorrentingYou don’t have to register to watch your favorite anime videos, but it is recommended that you make a list of your favorite videos and share them with your friends. You can also comment on the videos.Since you and I know Anilinkz is the best site to watch anime online but everyone wants more, as a result, I researched this and found 20 best similar sites like Anilinkz that you will love and your favorite anime videos enjoy.The organization of the website is pretty exquisite. Also, the website is very user friendly in its performance. In addition, the site offers complete anime videos of very high quality. Don’t forget that there are similar sites to Anilinkz. So if you want to watch anime online there are plenty of other ways you can do it. I mentioned the 20 best alternatives to anilinkz through this article.

The 20 best alternative anilinkz sites

Before I know, I want to warn you that watching cartoons online for free may or may not be illegal, the following list of sites is for educational purposes only.

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is also a free website for watching cartoons and anime; it offers subtitled and dubbed English anime in HD video quality. It is mainly for anime lovers as they can get almost all types of anime here.This page is different from the Kiss Anime Club page mentioned above, so make no mistake, it also has a movie section in the header. It’s a cell phone-friendly site, but you get a ton of ads that might irritate you.KissAnime is a former anime streaming site that has about 40 million monthly traffic, most of the traffic coming from the United States, that’s about 50%. Try this site out, it might be the best anilinkz alternative for you.

2. 9 Anime

9Anime is one of the best sites to watch anime online; this website offers you a large collection of anime series. It also accepts the anime request, in case there are no anime titles listed, you can request it.The site’s interface and ease of use aren’t up to par, but they do have a great anime list. You will see lots of pop-up ads and streaming ads; Pop-up ads will open in the new tab of your browser.Now let’s look at its popularity; it has about 10 million users per month; most of the users are from the United States. Americans love anime. Best alternative to anilinkz.


It’s also a good platform for watching anime and cartoons; it has a section where I can tell you the category where you can get your latest anime, the anime you’ve seen and the popular anime of the had a great interface; here you get the homepage without advertising, which is the best thing about this site, the user can operate this site efficiently because almost everything is rated as the best alternative to Anilinkz.

4. KissCartoon

It is a site that offers many cartoon and anime series for free; their cartoons are always updated and classified for the users. Most cartoon fans can find out about them. Here are the Anilinkz alternatives.You can register as a member on KissCartoon, after which you will be notified every time a new cartoon or anime is uploaded.Both sidebars are covered with advertising; you will also receive pop-up advertisements when you click on the video.KissCartoon is too popular with people; it has approximately 15 million monthly visitors; most users are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

5. AnimePahe

This is another better website for anime lovers; it offers many dubbed and dubbed anime. It’s ad-free and easy to understand; AnimePahe only shows the most recently published anime on the homepage.According to the interface and user experience, this page is reasonable compared to other free anime streaming website, you will get the anime’s thumbnail and title, and after clicking it, your anime will start playing. The video player is good with tooAnimePahe has approximately 2.5 million monthly visitors from the United States, India, the Philippines and Malaysia. The difference is that Indians also visit the site, but it only offers English anime. Site like Anilinkz.

6. Cartoon Crazy

CartoonCrazy is also a great alternative to Anilinkz; it provides you with many cartoons and cartoons without registration. It’s also a great option for English dubbed anime.The interface and user experience is excellent, CartoonCrazy is easy to use, you wouldn’t mind, yes you will see a lot of pop-up and display windows that will open in your browser’s new tab.This website has a good popularity with 12 million monthly users; most of the users are from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

7. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is also an alternative to Anilinkz where you can get a large collection of Anime. It sends videos in high quality, so you will enjoy watching your anime here.You will see lots of pop-up windows and display ads on its homepage, if you click on it will open a new tab in your browser with the ad.It has approximately 7 million monthly visitors coming from the United States and the Philippines.

8. Anime Nova

It’s mainly for anime fans; it offers many anime movies, Anime Nova is a text site, their home page will show you the title of the anime.You will not see any pop-up advertisements on the homepage; it has a clean interface and a pleasant user experience; the site also offers a search function where you can find your desired anime.AnimeNova has around 3 million monthly users, but most of the users are from Japan and the United States.

9. KissAnime Club

This is a new website with lots of cartoons and TV series; You get a clear interface and a better user experience. The name is very similar to the popular anime site Anilinkz, but the domain name (URL) is different.The best thing about this site is that you don’t get any annoying ads while broadcasting cartoons, this site has plenty of muted, dubbed anime as well as movies for you. Users get their own list for all of the popular anime series.Kiss Anime Club is a new site so there is not good traffic. You will like the video player because it is easy to use and you also get the button to share and download the anime video.

10. OtakuStream

OtakuStream is the best site to watch anime online; she brings you the latest anime releases, all set wisely. It has a feature called Light / Dark; You can choose it by day and night.OtakuStream has the best interface and user experience; You don’t see any advertising on his homepage, with him users can log in here with Facebook and Twitter. It has a search bar where you can search for your favorite anime.It’s time to know its popularity, because of its excellent interface and user experience, this site generates approximately 15 million monthly traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

11. CartoonsOn

This is the site that has many famous cartoons and animated series for free. CartoonsOn has a small library of cartoons, but if the cartoon title is popular there is a good chance it will air.I don’t like the user experience as it often displays boring advertisements that redirect you to malicious pages. Users may be confused about where to click to play a video.CartoonsOn has about 5 million visits in a month and is popular in the US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands.

12. AnimeShow

AnimieShow is another site that broadcasts tons of anime all over the world; she has a large collection of anime. You can search for your favorite anime in the search bar.You will see pop-up ads when you click on this page; it doesn’t depend on where you clicked. That is why many users hate this site even though it has a large anime library.This site has good authority with 11 million visitors in a month; it is popular in the US and UK.

13. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima has many sections on its homepage where you can get a special category of the latest episode; Popular shows in 2019, all-time popular and latest anime added. It also features many TV series. This could be a great alternative to anilinkz.This site has an excellent interface; their homepage is pretty clear and with no ads, you get a very visible search bar where you can search for the anime you want to see. Users can register here.AnimeUltima has 3 million visitors in a single month; this page is new, so its popularity is sufficient depending on the time. It is popular in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

14. AnimeFLV

AnimeFLV is the big name of anime, i can say it’s the father of anime but the most important thing is that it is not for english language, if you can speak spanish, this could be the best option to see all kinds of anime online too see.The user interface and experience is up to the task; it offers you a list of anime in the left sidebar; You can also search for your favorite anime here.

15. AnimeTV

AnimeTV is also a great place to see the latest anime online. It features the latest anime with subtitles and dubbed in English.The two sidebars are covered in graphic ads and the center is filled with the latest anime thumbnails. Users can log in with Facebook and Twitter.Anime TV is a favorite in the US and UK with 7 million monthly users. Visit this page to discover more features.

16. Anime heroes

This is a novelty in the world of animation streaming; it brings you most of the famous and latest anime. There is a section where you can find the most watched and famous anime on this page.You won’t see any graphic ads on the homepage, but you will get contextual ads when the anime is streamed. It has a simple and easy to use interface.Anime Heroes isn’t an old site; therefore it has about 150,000 users per month.

17. FreeOnlineAnime

This is one of the best options for watching anime online; this platform is not for cartoon lovers, FreeOnilneAnime has lots of anime-style series and movies for you.Users can quickly find their way around this page; the video player is similar to YouTube, which is different from other streaming sites. Users can stream all videos in high definition.The free online anime is a new site and it doesn’t have good traffic, but it gives you the right UX, so give this site a try now and enjoy your favorite anime online.

18. Cartoon network

As most anime and cartoon fans already know, Cartoons Network is also a great option for broadcasting a lot of cartoons. It offers online games for children.It has excellent interface and user experience because everything is like premium, users can play the best quality video in 2 clicks. They only have a small library and that’s the bad part.Cartoon Network has approximately 1 million visitors per month, most of them from the US and UK.

19. WatchOnlineCartoons

The name is very similar to that of Anilinkz; It offers a lot of cartoons and anime, this site also offers you the content from Nick, Disney, Cartoon Network.It has a neat home page that covers the thumbnails of your favorite cartoons and anime. You will also get a ton of pop-up announcements during the broadcast.This site has little traffic; it’s about 30K.

20. AnimeFreak TV

AnimeFreak TV is one of the good alternatives; it has many anime titles that users can search by genre, alphabetical, popularity, and last episode published.The user interface and experience is correct; it has a lot of anime on its homepage, the sidebar is covered with the graphic announcement. The streaming video quality is not bad.According to the same website, the site has about 12 million visitors per month, most of the users are from the United States.

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