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Hello everyone, as you all know, today we are in a huge digital world. And this world offers us so many opportunities. The most basic of these opportunities is, of course, that we can satisfy ourselves socially in this world. On the other hand, it is also possible to make money while spending time in this enjoyable environment. The platform I enjoy using the most in this digital world is Instagram. I have been using Instagram for a long time.

Recently, I was interested in the issue of being an influencer and I started thinking about how I could make money while creating content on Instagram. Of course, you will agree that I was not alone in this thought. Many people who thought like me were striving for the same thing. Therefore, I had to do something to make a difference. While I was thinking about what I could do about it, I met 1394ta, which offers unique growth services for Instagram. And ta-da, everything was already changing!

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What Services Do They Offer?

1394ta offers you every single service you can think of to grow your Instagram account.


One of the most essential elements underlying your growth on Instagram is having followers. As your number of followers increases, your interaction rate will increase proportionally and your chances of appearing in the People Explore tab will increase even more. So, there is a snowball effect in this case. However, the fact that the number of followers is important does not mean that you can achieve this by filling your account with bot followers. Because some people try this, and I guess I do not need to say that it does not give successful results. This is exactly where 1394ta comes in. Because while they provide you with followers, they do it organically. So, they promise you organic growth.


Engagement is another essential element for establishing a solid presence on Instagram. One of the most unique elements of engagement is likes. Like the number of followers, the more likes you have on your posts, the more chances you must be in the explore tab of more people. 1394Ta offers unique services in this regard as well.


Unfortunately, if the great content you create is not being watched, it is wasted. If you do not have good views, your chances of collaborating with brands or becoming an influencer are likewise greatly reduced. You can take advantage of 1394ta to increase your chances in this regard. There are many different view packages you can get for your posts.

Why Do I Choose 1394ta?

You will say, there are many different Instagram growth services on the market, why do you prefer 1394ta? My answer to this is truly clear, as I mentioned above. First, they avoid deceptive methods like using bots while providing engagement or followers. But of course, this is not the only reason, let us see why we should choose them.

Reliable Service

One of the most important reasons why I prefer them is that they are a reliable service. I have used many different growth services and believe me; I have had a lot of problems with reliability. When I use 1394ta, my mind is at peace. Because I know that the service, I am buying will be delivered to me without any problems. I also know that they are protecting me from abusive people because I am paying through the secure payment method, they provide me. To buy all these services, I only need to enter the URL of my Instagram profile. They do not ask for an account password or anything like that.

Quick Service

I buy a variety of different packages from them every month and thanks to their user-friendly website, it only takes seconds to order any service. The wonderful thing is that while they provide this ease of ordering, the packages that I purchase are also defined to my account extremely quickly. This is a convenience that you will not find in many Instagram growth service providers.

24/7 Customer Support

You can get support from them around the clock, not only during the buying process but also at any point you have any questions. In fact, they have built an extremely hardworking and expert team for this. They did not hesitate to help me even if I sometimes bothered them with my questions. It is not possible to find such a service in many companies that claim to offer Instagram growth services. So, I would say enjoy it.

Affordable Prices

Of course, buying growth services to boost your presence on Instagram comes at a price. And that’s where 1394ta is unique. For one thing, their prices are extremely affordable compared to the market. On the other hand, they have options for every budget. You do not have much money today and still want a growth service within your budget. No budget. No problem because you will surely find a package that fits your budget on their website. If you say you can spare a certain budget every month, you do not need to constantly renew the packages you receive. By taking advantage of the autofill feature, it is possible to get the Instagram growth services you want from them automatically every month. This is also one of the most key features for you to save time.


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