5 Reasons Why Every Website Needs DDoS Protection


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DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is one of the most common dangers of the modern digital world. The attack is a massive bombardment of a server with simultaneous garbage requests that deplete RAM resources and completely clog traffic. It is carried out from several devices at once and leads to a denial of service: due to the congestion of the channel, the website stops responding to real visitors or is completely disabled.

Websites, networks, email services, mobile applications, and other web resources can be attacked. DDoS attacks occur at all levels of a network connection, so they have many different types and methods. Such a universal nature of attacks has led to the fact that DDoS protection services have become some of the most in-demand today. Many specialists even call the service a basic setting mandatory for a secure website.


5 main reasons to choose DDoS protection for your website:

  • Eliminating the threat of a complete server shutdown by the data center;
  • Protection against falling in search results due to unavailability;
  • Avoiding reputational losses for the company;
  • Protection against blackmail when attackers “drop” a site, contact the owners, and demand to pay a certain amount to stop the attack, which can last several days.
  • Eliminating the risk of losing part of your income during the attack itself and during the recovery period of the site and solving all the consequences.

Media websites, e-commerce platforms, gaming company websites, sites of governmental agencies, and sites of financial institutions are particularly susceptible to attacks.


Protection against DDoS attacks is the foundation on which not only stable website performance is built but also the operation of the project as a whole. Don’t hesitate to contact Gcore specialists right now so they can help you secure your website and, consequently, your business.

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