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In a recent study, it was found that approximately 1 billion people worldwide are connected to the internet. The expansion of this number is expected to continue until at least 3.2 billion people will be online by 2020. With so many new users comes an increase in data traffic and digital content consumption, which puts pressure on networks like Facebook and YouTube for low quality video uploads or slow loading websites.

The “set online game” is a command-line tool that allows users to change the status of the current window. The “online game” option will make your window go online.


Set-Content is one of those indispensable PowerShell cmdlets for me. Before we could use PowerShell to write to a file, we had to utilize VBscript. I recall constantly attempting to recall the kind of object I required and the function name. Was it FileSystemObject, FileObject, or something else entirely? It was a hassle! I’d usually forget to provide True as the second parameter, even when I remembered the function name was CreateTextFile().

Here’s an illustration of the monster I’m referring about.

Set the property objFSO=CreateObject to true (“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) outFile=”c:file.txt” Set the objFile variable to objFSO. objFile CreateTextFile(outFile,True) objFile should contain the string “test string.” Close

Compare and contrast the VBScript with the following PowerShell:

Set-Content -Path ‘C:file.txt’ -Value ‘test string’ Set-Content -Path ‘C:file.txt’ Set-Content -Path ‘C:file.tx

Which one is your favorite? I’ll go the PowerShell route! Set-content is a single cmdlet in PowerShell that does it everything. This cmdlet makes it much easier to write to a file using PowerShell. This is a built-in PowerShell cmdlet that only has one purpose: to write to a file.

It may include a few options to alter up the behavior a little, but it’s mostly concerned with writing to a file. Although they are similar, they should not be confused with Add-Content. Set-Content overwrites a file completely, while Add-Content adds to it. When I originally began out, I had to learn that lesson the hard way many times!

Making a File/Replacing a File

Set-Content is a straightforward cmdlet. A nice example may be seen below. This example demonstrates how Set-Content may build a file from scratch or replace all of the contents of a pre-existing file.

PS> Test-Path -Path C:test.txt False PS> Set-Content -Path C:test.txt -Value ‘foo’ PS> Get-Content -Path C:test.txt foo PS> Set-Content -Path C:test.txt -Value ‘bar’ PS> Get-Content -Path C:test.txt bar

Save the output to a file

One cmdlet that can Save the output to a file is Out-File, but Set-Content can perform the same task albeit a little differently.

You could want to extract certain text from one text file and export lines to a different file. You may do this by using Get-Content and Set-Content. Maybe I have a text file with one line for each server’s status. I’d want to read the status of each server and save it to a file. It’s feasible using Get-Content to read the file and Set-Content to write to the file.

PS> Get-Content -Path C:test.txt SRV1 Status: Up SRV2 Status: Down SRV3 Status: Up PS> Get-Content -Path C:test.txt | ForEach-Object { >>> $srvName = $_.Split(‘ ‘)[0] >>> Set-Content -Path “C:$srvName.txt” -Value $_ } PS> Get-ChildItem -Filter ‘SRV*’ Directory: C: Mode LastWriteTime Length Name —- ————- —— —- -a—- 10/29/2017 12:38 PM 17 SRV1.txt -a—- 10/29/2017 12:38 PM 19 SRv2.txt -a—- 10/29/2017 12:38 PM 17 SRV3.txt PS> Get-ChildItem -Filter ‘SRV*’ | Get-Content SRV1 Status: Up SRV2 Status: Down SRV3 Status: Up

Set-Content is one of those essential cmdlets that is often used. It’s not flashy, but it always works, and it’s a useful tool to have in your PowerShell toolbox.

Check out the Set-Content Microsoft docs for a complete analysis.

The “set synonym” command allows you to set a new word as the synonym for an existing word. This is useful if you want to change the meaning of a word without changing it’s spelling.

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