DMCA Live Experiment: Refuting A False Takedown

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Here is our exchange with Newshosting. As part of our DMCA experiment, we wanted to find out how providers react to DMCA takedown requests and how the whole process works. It took a while after the takedown for the message to reach us, but when it did our account was restricted from posting. Follow us as we file an appeal …

DMCA Experiment, Part 2: Ramping Things Up

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Now that we got our first takedown in step 1 of this experiment, things are going to get a bit more effective and aggressive. Since the sheer amount of possibilities and variations in header, file sizes etc. are just too many to test using our home Internet connection, we’re moving to a VPS, a virtual private server you can rent …

Highwinds VPN

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Highwinds offers VPN as an additional service that costs an additional 3 to 5 dollars, depending on your package. Several Usenet providers have this included.