Highwinds VPN

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Highwinds offers VPN as an additional service that costs an additional 3 to 5 dollars, depending on your package. Several Usenet providers have this included.

How To Find Files

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Say you are just inquisitive or have subscribed to Usenet and have a newsreader set up, and want to know how to find and download files—this guide shows you the ropes. Disclaimer: We absolve ourselves of promoting or suggesting the use of Usenet for illegal downloads. If in doubt of the legality of a download, consult a lawyer. Want to …

Usenet Terms Explained

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In case you are wondering: Here are the most important terms explained. – “Retention“: Describes how long a file will be preserved on the server. Since the Usenet contains so many files, and everyday several Terabytes more are uploaded, data will only be available for a certain period of time, afterwards they will be replaced by more recent content. (Read …

So Your Download Is Incomplete?

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Alas, this is something every Usenet user goes through sometime in his career. You’ve found the file you were searching for, started downloading, and were already imagining watching the movie, listening to the piece of music or otherwise using it, and there it is, the whole, ugly truth: Your download is damaged beyond repair, no chance to do anything about …

How To Use Backup Servers

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Disclaimer: Our “don’t do anything evil” policy applies. Talking about DMCA takedowns and circumventing them doesn’t imply that we endorse downloading anything copyrighted without permission. Always obey the law in your jurisdiction.   With more and more newsreaders including multi-server support, the use of backup servers has become more and more widespread in the Usenet community. Sometimes it happens that …

How To Create An NFO File

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This article is part of our “How To Upload” series and explains create an information file for uploads. Remember our “don’t do evil stuff” disclaimer! So you want to add an nfo file to your upload? Awesome! Let’s stop wasting time: Here is our nfo creation tutorial! First of all you need the “Cool Beans NFO Creator” and, when posting …

How To Upload Using Powerpost

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This guide is part of our “How To Upload” series and explains how to use the program Powerpost to upload files. Please note that there’re several versions of this program which, while differing slightly, basically work the same, so this guide should work for all of them. Also remember our disclaimer. First go to https://powerpost.free.fr/ to download Powerpost, the tool …

How To Upload Anonymously

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This guide is part of our “How To Upload” series and describes how to hide your identity while uploading by creating an anonymous Usenet account and using a VPN service. Please note that our “don’t do evil things” disclaimer applies! If your Usenet provider knows who you are, you cannot upload anonymously, period. Therefore we’ll demonstrate how to cloak your …

How To Upload To Usenet (Series)

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Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for what you upload. Don’t do anything illegal. Use common sense. We don’t advocate nor encourage you to break laws, even not stupid ones that were merely bought by the copyright industry while severely undermining democracy and…. but I digress. The point is: You’re responsible for what you do, not us, so don’t abuse this guide …

UseNeXT Trial – How To Download 1 GB For Free

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Usenet delivers great speeds and has an impressive archive of media available with tons of movies, games, music, TV shows and 99% of all you could ever want. All that with speeds that look like this: This is what Usenet offers: Over 6.000 Terabytes of files available, including almost any movie, album, TV show or game / software ever released.. …